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Jun 13, 2010 05:44 AM

Espaguetti Verde (Spaghetti in Green Poblano-Chile Sauce)

Has anyone tried this? Could you share your recipe? The recipes I'm finding online call for a variety of ingredients, from chicken bullion and cilantro to cream cheese or American cheddar.

For example, here's one of them:

I'm also curious about the origins of this dish.


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  1. I had heard of this before. I reminds me, though, of a couple other dishes:
    - rajas, Poblano strips in cream (or cream sauce)
    - Rick Bayless
    Enchiladas Cremosas de Pollo, Estilo Cafe Tacuba
    enchiladas using a spinach/poblano sauce (the sauce base is a bechamel).

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      paulj, thanks for posting the Bayless recipe. I've been meaning to look for a good quick Enchiladas Suizas recipe, and that fits the bill.

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        I actually made this Sunday night using a rotisserie chicken, and it was really good. I also made a veggie version using sauted zucchini and mushrooms and substituting veggie broth for my veggie son. I'd pretty much recommend the recipe as is, but I might add a little cream to the sauce and a squeeze of lime to the chicken next time. Definitely easy and a keeper.

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        paulj, your post beat me to it. Our interests are so close it is a little scary :-).
        I've been using this excellent RB recipe with seafood fillings as well, with and without cheese (better without). IIRC Rick Bayless suggests mild cheddar as an alternate to Chihuahua style cheese, which can be hard to find (still rare in SoCal).

        As for the spaghetti recipe, I'd try it with (somewhat less) grated parmesan or romano in place of the moz.

      3. Anyone actually eaten or made this?

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          Looking at the google search finds it appears that most recipes use poblanos - these clearly are Mexican. But looking at 'tallarines verdes', you get a bunch of Peruvian recipes, most being a variation on the Italian basil pesto. albaca is basil. Argentine recipes are probably closer to the Italian (due to a large Italian immigration).

          Chicken bullion is widely used in Mexican cooking, Knor and Maggi brands dominate. I often use a tomato-chicken version in place of salt when making stews and sauces. Cream cheese would be a new innovation, but not surprising; melting and non-melting fresh cheeses are commonly used. The American cheddar suggests a TexMex influence. Evaporated milk is commonly used where fresh milk is not available or widely use.

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            Interesting and good info. Confirmed some of my ideas about influences.

        2. My friend usually brings a dish like this to pot lucks. She uses penne pasta, and she makes a green sauce, I think she uses tomatillos and poblano chiles, she just says she makes regular sauce, doesn't give the proportions. Then she covers it with a melting cheese like jack and bakes. t is pretty popular. I think the sauce on the Bayless enchiladas would work well too.

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          1. Here's an interesting variation - spaghetti a la poblana

            Combine can of cream of poblano soup (the Mexican 'cream of mushroom'?), cream cheese and milk, and melt. Add drained spaghetti. Top with poblano strips and corn kernels.

            this one roasts and peels the poblanos, purees them with cream and chicken stock, seasons, and mixes with the pasta. The result looks rather soupy.

            Actually this one does not roast the peppers. Instead they are wrapped in plastic, and zapped (2 min/chile?


            uses the poblano strips, creama and squash blossoms

            a lasagna using poblano rajas in creama

            Inspired by the basic combination of poblanos and cream, there must be dozens of home versions, along with some over the top restaurant innovations.

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              Interesting. Thanks for reporting back. That cream of poblano soup is a kick.

            2. Ok... SO I'm mexican, my aunt makes this all the time... Love it! BUT I am by no means saying it's a mexican dish... possibly latin... You can also use the salsa with chicken & rice.


              6 chiles poblanos(pasilla) burned and cleaned
              1 can media crema or “table cream”
              ½ cup of evaporated milk
              1 bag of spaghetti
              1/2 stick of butter
              1/4 cup chopped onions
              2 cloves garlic
              1 square chicken buillion (or a tsp of the powder)
              I cup of Monterrey Jack Cheese (shredded)
              Salt for taste


              Cook spaghetti as directed on bag
              In a blender mix chiles, media crema, evaporated milk and buillion, and salt
              In a pan sautee onions, and garlic with butter
              Add cream mixture, and spaghetti

              You can either…

              Mix cheese in it simmer let cheese melt
              Transfer to a casserole dish, cover with cheese, and put in the oven until cheese melts.