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Jun 13, 2010 04:46 AM

Downtown Burlington without a car

Hi, I'll be in downtown Burlington without a car for one night, a Monday. I'm staying at the Hilton. I had though to eat in the Five Spice Cafe, which I remember very fondly from when I was in Burlington several times perhaps 12 or 15 years ago, but I gather that restaurant is now closed for some time. I am interested in eating somewhere to which I can walk, somewhere not super expensive. I love ethnic food--Indian/Nepali and pretty much all other Asian (except Japanese) food, all kinds of Latin food, Quebecois, southern American, eastern European, German, Spanish. . . I also love good desserts and breakfasttype food. I am not interested in overpriced nouvelle or vegan/local grown, nor am I interested in brew/burger type food or pizza. Also never very interested in eating in hotels (usually overpriced). Place does not need fancy trimmings, though I'd prefer something more than takeout. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Five Spice burnt down. It is now Das Bierhaus (which IS serving German fare, and from what I hear it's good). I recommend Single Pebble on Church Street instead, if you're looking for Asian.

    1. A Single Pebble is the place to go. Try the red oil dumplings or chicken dumplings for an appetizer. The main dish portions are large, enough for two people, so you will have enough for leftovers for the late night munchies in your hotel room. Five Spice was the best!!! But alas, it burned down. Das Bierhaus is in its place and is ok austrian/german food, but if you like asian and indian as much as I do, I would stick to the Pebble.

      A Single Pebble
      133 Bank Street, Burlington, VT 05401

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          Not Indian, but certainly Asian. And very good Asian food at that.

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            Oh well I knew that. :) I was just surprised that they might be doing Indian and thought it'd be worth the pain in the ass that is downtown Burlington to give it a go. :)

      1. Thanks. I will go to A Single Pebble! (Were I there 2 nights, I'd go to the Austrian/German)

        A Single Pebble
        133 Bank Street, Burlington, VT 05401