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Jun 12, 2010 07:47 PM

Clove is the new Lime (Vancouver)

Lime on Commercial Dr has closed. The entire cooking staff including Atsu and Masa, have moved to Clove also on the Drive. Clove is owned by the same person.

Clove will now become a japatapa and sushi bar. Clove's old Asian tapas concept had it's fans. It was a neighbouthood favourite. Atsu will rework the old Lime menu over the next month or so.

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  1. Never got a chance to sit at the sushi bar at Lime. Would that even be possible at Clove? It's been a while since I've been there. And for the wordsmiths, I wonder what the next incarnation of Lime's spot will be. Rime, Lime, ___ime?

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    1. re: el_lobo_solo

      Speaking of wordsmithing-Lest We Forget-it was Fmed who this day coined the soon-to-be classic phrase ***japatapa***

      You read it here first people!

      1. re: Sam Salmon

        Actually we read it here first in a classic fmed-generated thread and post two years ago:

        BTW...if anyone has heard of a new izakaya, japa-tapa, asian fusion joint that is opening up, please post here, and I'll update my Google Map.

        Any info about closures would be appreciated as well...for example, I hear Shiru-Bay may be closed or will be closing soon.

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        fmed Jun 18, 2008 04:25PM

        re: fmed "Japa-tapa"

        LOL -- love it.

        Sorry to hear about Shiru Bay, though. I wonder what happened.

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        grayelf Jun 18, 2008 05:01PM

        1. re: grayelf

          Hoping "japa-tapa" was one of those cool Japanese onomatopoetic words, I did a quick google search and found out it's also a spiritual practice / penance from India. Clearly, fmed has been feeding our bellies and our souls all this time ; )

      2. re: el_lobo_solo

        They will have sushi at Clove - so you can still partake...and Clove does have a bar. (I actually did omakase at Lime twice in the last month - the $35 and $55 versions).


        1. re: fmed

          Let's hope it's Sublime :-). I'm really glad that the itamae from Lime will still be in town.

          1. re: grayelf

            Needed some grub after bingo bowling at Grandview Lanes so headed over to Clove. My bottle of Sapporo had to tide me over as I waited a bit of time for tuna gommae and kakuni pork. I was given some spinach gomae to nibble on. I realized the dishes I ordered indeed take time to make. The tuna is as delicate and good as the Lime location. I liked the kakuni pork atop some mashed potatoes, asparagus, shitake / enoki mushrooms, a bit of okra, and kurashi (spicy mustard). It was good, but I wish I asked how it was prepared or wish the menu described how it was prepared because it felt a lot like pork adobo in texture, which I've had many times. I did appreciate Chef Masa making something off menu when I asked for something with shiso. I got shiso wrapped shitake tempura with a ponzu dipping sauce.

            They're not doing omakase at the moment, unless they get a lot of requests. IIRC, Lime had a sushi bar where you could watch the action behind the clear glass? Not the case at Clove. Looks like a regular bar countertop, with bamboo theme.

            1. re: el_lobo_solo

              (We were just there the other night - but they still had their usual South and SE Asian-inspired menu plus a short sushi menu). Yes - the bars are different. Lime had a ample crescent shaped sushi bar which had a great view of the chefs at work. Clove has regular drinks bar - not as much room for preparation and performance. I hope they renovate it. The sushi bar was Lime's main draw for me.

              Thanks for the report. Thumbs down on the kakuni?

              1. re: fmed

                The kakuni is very good and deffo thumbs up. Can't go wrong with slowly braised pork with those trimmings. Honestly, I was just in the mood for something grilled to go with the Sapporo. And with the adobo texture to the pork and the offering of turon (deep-fried banana with ice cream) for dessert (too full to partake), there was a definite SEA or Filipino vibe.

              2. re: el_lobo_solo

                Thanks for the early intell, els. As an aside, if you like shiso, try the shrimp tempura with shiso at Dan -- so good.

        2. Had a peek into the old Lime space. It will be a Palki (Indian) - probably affiliated with the Palki in North Van. Not a bad trade I guess.

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          1. re: fmed

            Palki on Commercial Dr is now open. (I may post a quicky report on a separate thread with some pics).

            I like what they have done with the former Lime space. Feels nice and open. They kept Lime's nice curved bar at the back. Ambiance was nice and laid back - some nice, subdued Indian dance remixes playing on the soundsystem.

            Here is my early report on the food: the food was more than decent. I had a lamb korma with rice and naan. The Korma was nicely seasoned and balanced in flavour. The meat could have been more tender, but it had a good texture. They have a proper tandoor so I'm looking forward to trying some tandoori dishes.

            They also have a full bar (I had a caesar and a Kingfisher). They have two taps that are meant to rotate. Tonight they had beers from Granville Island. They also had some interesting looking Indian inspired martinis and cocktails (including a selection of spiked lassi).

            All in all, Palki is a very good addition to the Drive (where the Indian food is close to inedible). The place felt upscale, the food has potential, the drinks list looks good and the service staff was eager to please.

            1. re: fmed

              "including a selection of spiked lassi"

              Oh for a decent bhang lassi in this town!

          2. The restaurant appears to be called Japenese Kitchen now, and Atsu is not there, Just Masa. The food was pretty good; outstanding selections include the slow-braised short rib and the toro stack (albacore and raw quail egg). But I really went to see if Atsu would be there as I had visited him for years at Sakae. If anyone knows where he ends up, please do report.

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            1. re: de_soie

              Yes that's right. Atsu is currently working for catering company but could resurface at another restaurant run by the same ownership "soon."