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Jun 12, 2010 06:30 PM

Pizzeria Orso

I'll admit that there's hardly anything more enticing to me than some buffalo mozzarella, a light tomato sauce, and a delicious crust. It's getting almost embarrassing now that we have another great choice for pizza with Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church City.

This pizza here is different than its major competition. It is about 4 x soupier and 3 x puffier than any pizza I've ever had. Part of the soupiness comes from a very generous serving of the fresh mozzarella. I can't complain. The crust was taken out of the oven at the perfect moment; it had a delicious, delicate char that I swear tasted slightly caramelized. It was definitely worth a bravo.

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  1. I dunno, yer comment is sort of inexplicit and vague. If this were a reference for a job applicant I'd say it was quantified at best.

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      Well, geez, it's only a pizza. How much can you say? I'm not sure I get the 'soupy' thing. I had one at Pupatella a couple of weeks ago, where they make a point of explaining why their pizza is soupy (the mozzarella) and I had to restrain myself from soaking up the juice with a napkin. Good, though.

      5104 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

    2. My husband and I went on Friday night- which is usually verboten with me. I avoid restaurants and movie theaters on the weekends if I can help it. They were slammed. This is difficult even for a restaurant that isn't only 4 days old! It wasn't a perfect experience, but I will certainly go back (on a weeknight!). It is obvious that they are using topshelf ingredients, and there is real skill at the pizza oven. The crust here has pull/chew to it whereas I find a lot of the other artisanal pizzas around town are practically crackers. The beer and wine selections are quite good and interesting. The arancini really needed salt. I'm betting that once they catch their stride, this is going to be a great spot.