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Jun 12, 2010 06:21 PM

Cala's - Another Visit - sliding down a bit in the ratings

OK this is now a pub with some good to decent food but I ordered the pizza which unfortunately was thin but moist crust....the 'build your own' thing works but they need a stone in a hot oven and they will have MUCH better pizza. Then the Nachos....c'mon! These need some life. Asked for some jalapeƱos, they were out. There is a supermarket next door - I mean if you serve nachos isn't it the law you gotta have a side of heat with it? We ordered the chicken nachos - and there was scant to non-existent chicken happening. If you upcharge for it, feature it - even a quarter of a breast of shredded chicken would be good. Had the tuna tartar and it too slipped, it was not quite as transcendent as I recall from my last visit. I hope to have a better experience next time since all I could muster was "well it was better than cooking at home tonight anyway" comment to my delicious dining companion. They should train the staff to scan the room (5 tables in the quiet section) to make sure everyone is happy. It stinks having to flag down a waiter/waitress for a refill, for condiments, etc. No "is there anything else I can get you" when the serve, just plunked the plates down...and vanished. Step it up Jeff, really. Its the little things you used to get right that left me unimpressed.

7 Beach St, Manchester, MA 01944

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