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Brainerd, MN, restaurants

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damissus and I are planning to stay a few nights in the Brainerd, MN, -Gull Lake area later this month.

Any Chowish places we should not miss.

It's been around 12 years since our last visit, and we know a lot has changed since then.
Any recent recs?


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  1. Maybe not completely chowish: Bucket o' bones in Deerwood MN is close to my heart. :) It's half the PDG food, half the atmosphere: Tiny homecookin restaurant with backwoods decor and usually some Caribbean tunes. Really good home-baked bread. They serve their pulled pork on it, with sweet homemade sauce and good slaw.

    Perfect on a hot night as the sun's just going down. My preferred way to begin an evening out. She'll tell you what to order if you hesitate though.