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Jun 12, 2010 03:52 PM

Best Italian American On The Strip?

My wife and I are returning to Las Vegas in August to celebrate her birthday.

She has specifically requested an Italian American dinner for her celebratory meal. She told me she wants classic a classic red sauced feast. You know, chicken parmigiana, Alfredo, garlic bread, etc.

So chowhounds, can you help us out?

I am looking for recommendations for a great meal of this type on or nearby the strip. I'm not too concerned about price.


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  1. The Bootlegger on S Las Vegas Blvd (really south, past the airport) is excellent, open 24/7 and if you go on the right night, great entertainment. (if you like that)
    They have awesome garlic knots!

    They are in the Outlet Mall, south of the airport

    1. For this type of meal we would strongly suggest taking a look at Rao's at Caesar's Palace. A lot of the kind of dishes that you are looking for, and also an ambience that fits the occasion.

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      1. re: QAW

        I love the idea of Rao's. We own a copy of the Rao's cook book and love it.

        Do you have any idea what the average meal for two would cost without booze? Price isn't really an issue considering the occasion but I'm a bit curious.

        Thank you!

        1. re: PerryDog512

          Unfortunately it will be "Strip" prices - the pastas in the $18-25 range, and the meat/seafood entrees $25-40. But their portion sizes are larger than most Strip venues with comparable price points.

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        1. This is in the downtown area but the Grotto Restaurant in the Golden Nugget hotel is good. Prices are very reasonable.

          1. I went to Rao's in December looking for the exact same kind of meal and was very disappointed. Found it highly over-rated. We ordered the veal parm (the best part of the meal), caesar salad, spaghetti and meatballs and some fried seafood app. The meatballs, which they're famous for, were not of a consistency I enjoyed--a bit grainy.

            We were sorry we didn't take the concierge's recommendation of some place right by the Flamingo (sorry; don't remember the name).

            Whatever you decide, hope you have a great meal and happy bday to your wife!

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              The concierge likely recommended Battistas Hole in the Wall. It's an Audrie, one block east of the Strip, on the corner of Flamingo, behind Bill's.


              Carluccio's is also a exactly what your looking for, as is Bootlegger Bistro. Bootlegger has the nicest atmosphere and a bit higher prices, but not outrageously so.

              Battista's Hole In the Wall
              4041 Audrie St, Las Vegas, NV 89109

              1. re: Misha

                Really? I tried Rao's earlier this year, and I was quite impressed. Well, perhaps I had a different experience because I was focusing on the meatless dishes. I loved the eggplant parm, and I later went back for lunch and enjoyed their pizzas. All in all, I enjoyed Rao's much more than Battista's... Battista's isn't bad, but I wasn't wowed by anything I tried there.