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Jun 12, 2010 03:49 PM

Good work surface/table topper?

Hi all,
I have a tiny, tiny kitchen. Since there is no counter space (zero, zip, nada), I am using a large wood desk as a prep surface. I don't want to ruin the wood by spilling things on it or nicking it, so I need something to put over the wood.

My searches have been unhelpful because I'm not sure how to put it; a work surface topper? A table protector?

If you have any ideas or product recommendations, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
- K

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  1. I'd suggest looking at what's available in the doormat section of a home store. A thick rubberized mat (also sold as kitchen/workroom equipment) might work for you. I have a large plastic boot tray which has very shallow ridges and a low rim. I think I found it in the hardware store but possibly a national pharmacy chain. I use it for crafts so little beads and findings don't roll away.

    Also consider getting a large cutting board (or even a piece of plywood which you could cover in plastic) and laying it across your sink (put is on a large wire cooling rack if it's not big enough to span the sink. When not in use, put the board in a plastic bag and slide it in next to the fridge, behind furniture, or under a sofa cushion.

    1. I notice from your chow page that you are in Baltimore. I suggest you go to a lumberyard (I pulled up Wallbrook Mills) and maybe have a surface made for your desk from a nice hardwood. You can have rubber feet put on it to protect your desk. Just sayin'.

      1. KCog1,

        I really not sure if you just want something to protect the desk from typical wear and tear or if you actually want to cut on it as a cutting board. If you want something tougher, you can get a large ply wood from HomeDepot or Lowe. Or you can just get a large laminate sheet like this:

        Depending on your financial situation and space, you may also get a kitchen utility table or a butcher table.