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Jun 12, 2010 10:40 AM

help with ground chicken for tonight

I was going to make a chicken burger recipe that is in the most recent Food and Wine mag - it is ground chicken, some onion, and I added 2T. coconut milk and spices (garam masala and ground chili). The result is very wet - there is no way I can grill these burgers - they would just fall through the grates. How can I salvage 1lb. of seasoned ground chicken? The burger was supposed to be served with a peanut sauce.

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  1. If you think they would flip OK, could you just lay a piece of foil overt he grate and just grill on top of that?

    If not, then maybe just bake kebabs in the oven to stuff into pitas, or saute the mixture and use in lettuce wraps. Sounds like it will taste great!

    1. Cook them in the oven or on the stove top in a skillet.

      1. Why not incorporate some bread crumbs (or even white bread) to see if you can "harden" it up a bit?

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          +1. sounds like it needs something to absorb the excess moisture. they should definitely be a little wet, though - ground chicken dries out *really quickly* once it hits the heat.

        2. When in doubt - deep fry - I breaded 1/2 size patties in corn meal and deep fried and finished off in the oven - chicken croquettes - pretty tasty. Thanks all.

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            for next time (hope you don't have a "problem fix" again), almond meal is a wonderful "hardener" or "de-wetter," as it has a delicate crumb and adds really little flavor, oddly enough. i use it in salmon croquettes to great review! glad the cornmeal worked out well though!

          2. Chicken cheesesteak/Chicken sloppy joe.