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Almond Dew?

Couldn't resist buying a bottle of Almond Dew during my last trip to the Asian market. Anyone know what to do with it?

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  1. I believe it is used to make the soft Annin-doufu dessert of almond milk flavored tofu.

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    1. If it's the thickish white stuff you can dilute it with water for a tasty drink - usually drunk hot in the winter. I've only ever seen the powdered stuff, what brand is yours?

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        It's a clear liquid--can't tell the brand name because the label is written entirely in Asian characters.

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            Anything you can tell me would be great!

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              Seems to be the liquid version of what I used to buy powdered. I'll look in a Chinese market this weekend and see if I can find it. The instructions on the back are a bit blurry.

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                Yeah--sorry about that--my camera is a bit on the 'outdated' side.

                Conversely, I am going to try to find the powdered kind in my market :)

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                  The powdered one is nice, it makes a thickish drink. Very almondy. I'm thinking because this has almond oil in it it will be cloudy when diluted (like ouzo).

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                    I've been thinking of making a cocktail with it--maybe with some Calvados or other brandy. I'm just afraid to open it as I don't know how long it will keep once it's open. And I also fear that I will not be able to find it again at the market.

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                      Ingredients are stable, I should think, I'd chance it. Was it with the drink powders and whatnot?

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                        After you open it, it keeps for years. That was my experience.

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                      I was in a midsized Chinese market this weekend and didn't see either. :(

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                        Well that's a bummer! I'm thinking of using some in my Thanksgiving cocktails. Oh--I can't remember in which section I found it. Maybe by the vinegars?