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Jun 12, 2010 09:45 AM

Pls help me find amazing food near St Louis Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Hi - I'm new to CHOW so I'm hoping folks will help me out. My sister is in Barnes-Jewish hospital and I'm traveling there to be with her. Neither of us knows St Louis at all and we won't have a vehicle for the week we're there after she gets out of the hospital. I'm hoping some of you CHOWhounds will help us find some local amazing food that is in walking or easy public transport distance from the hospital.

I'm a fan of places with down-home/dive sort of atmosphere and reasonable prices for food that makes ya swoon and can't be had elsewhere.

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  1. great location, a short stroll up Euclid will land you in all sorts of places Tom's, Majestic, West End Cafe are very low key, nicer places (and newish, so ask someone else - my names are old standards) are up around Maryland (across Lindell) and farther up near McPherson Llewellyn's, Kopperman's and Dressels are also low key. a block away from them at Maryland and Kingshighway is a smallish grocery store - Straub's. and if you're really willing to walk East on Lindell are a few more options and a larger grocery store, just not as pleasant a walk. Barnes is also right on top (practically) of a Metro station so that opens up more no-car options such as downtown or Clayton U City. Best wishes for your sister!

    to clarify, if I had to spend a car-less week in STL I can't imagine much better locale-wise.

    1. Not too far from Barnes-Jewish is Sarah Street, where you will find both The Scottish Arms and Terrene, almost across the street from each other. Check their websites for a sense of what they are like.

      But if you are looking for a dive with food that makes you swoon, you will need to get a taxi and go to Iron Barley. Decor consists of a moth-eaten talking deerhead on the wall, and the menu consists of amazing food. I really like the zarzuela, and someday I will get up the courage to try the hot dog grilled in grape jelly....

      Iron Barley
      5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

      Scottish Arms
      8 S Sarah St, Saint Louis, MO 63108

      1. Try the restaurant on the 17th floor of Queenie Towers. Excellent view. Beer and wine service. And a decent lunch.

        1. About five blocks north of the hospitals on Euclid are a few other good spots. Near the corner of Euclid and McPherson are Herbie's, Pi, Dressel's, Llewylens, Duff's and Kopperman's. All are great for there own reasons. Herbies is a bistro inspired place with a casual bistro and a bit more upscale dining room. Excellent food in a great atmosphere. Great bartenders in a popular bar. Pi is a great pizza place. Locally owned with great deep dish pizza but has thin crust also. POTUS had Pi come and make their pizza at the White House. Dressel's is a Welsh pub with good draft beer and the best chips in town. There stockpot and soup varies daily and is usually excellent. I probably get the stockpot on 95% of my visits. Llewellyn's is a Scottish (?) pub with an excellent white bean chili and a great steak and cheese sandwich topped with fried onions. Awesome knife and fork sandwich but check with your cardiologist first. Koppermans and Duff's I think of for brunch more than anything else. Duff's brunch may just be on the weekends but Kopperman's should have deli fare every morning. The smoked trout is great as are the latkes (potato pancakes).

          All of the above are just a few doors off the corner of Euclid and McPherson.

          As you walk up there you will go by Culpeppers on the corner of Maryland and Euclid. Although I haven't eaten there in a while, they are known for their chicken wings and I remember them having one of the better club sandwiches I've had. One door up Euclid from there is Sub Zero. It is a bar that has a burger and sushi restaurant attached. A weird combo of food but I have enjoyed it a lot. For the burgers, you pick your protein and build your own. They have beef, Kobe, Chicken, Buffalo, tuna etc and a whole lot of different toppings. A damn fine bloody mary also. Just west of this intersection is Bar Italia. It is Italian and has one of the best outdoor patios in the city. The pastas and meats are great but I stay away from seafood here. If the weather allows, it is great to sit out there and watch the world go by while eating and enjoying a bottle off of their great wine list.

          If you like Indian, just north of Laclede and Euclid is Rasoi. A nice place I have only eaten at once but was really good. And just east of that intersection is Brasserie, owned by one of the most notable chefs in St. Louis, Gerard Craft, A James Beard nominee. I have had some great meals there and a horrible one. It is a traditional french bistro.

          I hope your sister continues to do well. You are in a great food neighborhood.

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            Where's the LOVE button? Excellent choices from greggold - you can't go wrong here!

          2. You've got a bunch of good suggestions already (although, I'm not sure I'd designate all of these restaurants as "amazing"). Here are my choices: Terrene is a terrific restaurant with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients. Good service, wonderful food, and if it's a nice evening, you can sit outside. Doesn't, however, meet your down-home/dive requirement, however.

            I couldn't agree more with the suggestion of Iron Barley. Definitely a cab ride. You could also take a very short cab ride to O'Connell's, which is a classic pub/restaurant with a great roast beef sandwich and first-rate hamburger.

            Pi's pizza is first-rate. Llewellyn's is not Scottish but Welsh, although I'm not sure either a Scotsman or Welshman would recognize it. Still, good burgers and good pub atmosphere.

            Based upon my one experience at Rasoi I'd give it a miss.

            Iron Barley
            5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111