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Jun 12, 2010 08:05 AM

caterer at the enoch turner schoolhouse


I'm planning on booking enoch turner for my wedding and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with the following caterers.

HERRERA’S Fine Catering

Urban Fare catering inc.

Encore Catering

10TATiOn Event Catering

or if you've held an event at enoch turner which caterer did you use? I'm looking for sit down dinner service and want to keep costs down but get good value.

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  1. We used Herrera's for our sit-down wedding dinner in 2008. We have nothing but positive things to say about Patricia. She was amazing. She knew we were food people & she knew I didn't want to go overboard so she worked really hard to make sure our event was up to our standard in terms of food but also the price was not overboard.

    We did a cocktail hour and she did the little hor d's for that. Yum. Then we started with a mixed green salad with crumbled goats cheese & tomatoes, beef tenderloin with cognac peppercorn sauce with roasted veg on mashed potatoes, and for dessert, pavlova with seasonal berries & lemon cream.

    We brought in dessert & wedding cupcakes but her team arranged the presentation on the table. But at the last minute, I asked her to provide cut fruit as an alternative to the cookies, macarons, chocolates, etc... And of course, it was done - and not an arm & a leg.

    We had quite a few vegetarians/vegans - and Patricia arranged something quite special for them... but I have forgotten exactly.. it wasn't an afterthought & it looked spectacular.

    My friends - even to this day - say that that was the BEST wedding food they ever had. (both the meat main & the vegetarian)

    Just keep in mind - all the caterers add 15% to their food bill as a "kick-back" to ETSH - not sure if it's still there but I was annoyed because we already paid for the venue. Also the caterers arrange for the cutlery & linen and equipment & I remember saving abit of cash (not alot) by talking to Patricia about what was included and swapping things out or exclude.

    not exactly cheap, but high quality ingredients wonderfully executed - we felt it was worth every penny

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      Sorry to pile on, but I have to underscore, there is a 15 per cent kickback to the venue from the "preferred caterers" that you're never told about. I know this because I had my wedding there and the caterer later told me about it. Had a great time and it's a nice room, but by the time you figure in how much you're spending in hidden, useless fees (my catering bill was $14,000, so the kickback was $2,100), it's one of the most overpriced venues in town. Try the St. Lawrence Town Hall. It's owned by the city, so no "preferred caterers" (i.e. you can get whomever you want), no kickbacks.