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Jun 12, 2010 07:44 AM

Lobsters / Seafood in Atlanta

We are planning to cook a seafood dinner in Atlanta (specifically, boiled lobsters). Could someone please telll me the names of the best places In Atlanta to buy seafood? We are out in the NE part of town (Duluth), but we are willing to drive a ways. Are any of these places open on a Sunday? Thank you very much.

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  1. Buford Highway Farmer's Market (not that far away)

    Whole Foods in Duluth

    Believe it or not, Publix sometimes has good deals on Maine lobsters.

    Buford Highway Farmer's Market
    5600 Buford Hwy NE, Doraville, GA

    1. DeKalb Farmer's Market
      When I was looking back at the holidays, theirs looked better than the ethnic market ones. More expensive, too. YMMV.

      1. I'd second the DeKalb Farmer's Market suggestion. We haven't gotten lobster (although we have friends that have and were happy) but we usually try to pick up fish from there once a week. They have a great selection.
        They're open 9-9 daily.

        1. You won't believe what I am going to tell you, so get in your car and see for yourself in Gainesville, GA. This seafood market (small, very clean store) opened in 2009. Its seafood is fresher than Whole Foods or DeKalb Farmers. The store is run by Asians - very nice folks. The front space is about 400 sq ft - to include a few tables for eating. Yes, one can both eat or purchase the seafood which is on display. They began selling seafood, and cooking for themselves and had so many requests to sample they expanded into a small menu. Anything seafood you see they will cook the way you desire, plus they have Gumbo and Oyster Po Boy sandwiches New Orleans is wishing they had. Again, a very small storefront, in a small strip center, in the Hispanic area of town - but DO NOT let that stop you (a safe area). I drive 29 miles from our home to purchase there when we want seafood for a special dinner and of course while there get a bite to eat ourselves: Atlanta Hwy Seafood Market 227 Atlanta Highway #900, Gainesville, GA 30501(770) 287-8277‎8

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          1. Thank you all for the wonderful advice. We decided to try the Dekalb Farmers Market. it was amazing! The lobsters were between $4-6 per per pound less that we could buy them in Cincinnati (we were visiting relatives in Duluth). We also purchased Mussels, shrimp, a cocunut cream pie, and several other things for our dinner. All the food was great. We visit Atlanta about every other month so your recommendation for the atlanta hwy seafood market in Gainsville is on my list of places to go now also. Again, thank you all very much for the advice!


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              3 choices in Duluth and all on Pleasant Hill Rd are Super H Mart, ASSI Marketplace and a new one that just opened called GW, got a 3.5 lb lobster there during their grand opening and it was one of the smallest they had on hand. I don't exceed 2 lb as a general rule but this was fun and we certainly enjoyed it at dinner that night. All quite fresh, they are alive after all so they don't get much fresher than that. ASSI gets my top vote of the 3 followed by H mart.