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Pork Hoagies?

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I have a friend from the east that says, "have you ever had a pork hoagie"? He says, "you can't get them in Calif".
Well, Where are they? He is correct, I have not found them!
Help me out PLEASE!
I am in Costa Mesa...

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  1. Not quite sure what a pork hoagie is. A Hoagie is simply a cold-cut sandwich. Many deli meats are made of pork. How is the pork prepared in the one you're describing?

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        I'm not in Los Angeles, but I'm from Philly. On occasion, I've heard banh mi called pork hoagies, as well, although they're usually called Vietnamese hoagies.

    1. I will try to pry more info from my buddy, he skips a lot of details! Thanks SO MUCH for the replies...

      1. shagdaddi, I bet your friend was talking about an Italian Roast Pork Hoagie with Broccoli Rabe like they serve at Tony Luke's in Philly:



        Mario's Deli in Glendale has an Italian Roast Pork Hoagie on its menu under "Hot Sandwiches" but no Broccoli Rabe.


        1. a pork french dip sandwich from philippes without being dipped might work although i prefer it dipped....also portos has a sandwich called media noche lechon or something like that.....that is similar but you have to remove the garlic from it.