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Jun 12, 2010 04:37 AM

Clark's Fish Camp - Jacksonville

We went last night after reading mixed reviews. The food was absolutely pathetic! There is a very large menu, but nothing decent. We we very disappointed. Save your money!

Clark's Fish Camp & Seafood
12903 Hood Landing Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258

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  1. Ditto. The only reason to visit is to look at the building/setting. Have a drink, tour the area and leave.
    When we visited, even the waiter tried to steer us toward edible dishes. Save your money!

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      Thanks ya'll. It was on my list to try and you have saved me the trouble. We usually go to Singletons. Do you have any other recommendations on fish camps? Whitey's for example?

    2. Outback Crab Shack in St. Johns County on State Road 13 (at 6 mile marina) is the BEST in town. Were there Sunday for GREAT crawfish with sausage, corn, potatoes - and plenty of boat parking!
      Joe opened it as a one room shack in the early 90's and talked to patrons as he cooked. It kept getting bigger - but still saw Joe there this past Sunday as he turned on the water for the mist fans (made all the difference to drop the temperature!)
      Singletons is another favorite - but different - usually get fried food here - soft shell crab sandwich always good.
      And Cap's in St Augustine on the Intercoastal - although I haven't been there in years...

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