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Jun 12, 2010 01:50 AM

Grocery Outlet - June 2010

Pinole - Opening June 12th.

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  1. So quiet in here!

    Last week in Newark

    organic veg pizza 3.99
    Frozen chicken saltimbocca 6.99
    harvest milled flaxseed 2.99
    organic tofu .99
    2 cantaloupes 3.00

    overall lot of good finds.

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    1. re: chowmeaow

      San Jose:
      1.99 Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream-- Quarts (not pints!)
      Wolfgang Puck frozen pizzas 2.99
      Tropicana Half Gallon OJ 1.99

      1. re: Tumkers

        I remember doing a double-take on the price of those Ben & Jerry quarts. Cheaper than pints at the grocery store!

    2. San Jose:
      Imagine Organic Vegetable Stock 32 ounce 99 cents
      Delice de France Double Creme Brie 16 0z 3/1.00 expires today.
      Beeswax lipbalm 2 pack 99 cents not Burts Bees's buthas all the same ingredients.
      Rice crackers 99 cents
      Organic meltdown dark Swiss chocolate bar with cinnamon and chili 1.49

      1. Berkeley:
        cornbread mix .50
        organic chicken stock .99
        avocados .50

        There were also Italian sodas -- Abbondio -- 4 pack of bottles for 1.99. Made with cane sugar. "Red" and "Blue." I couldn't figure out the flavors beyond that. Both have retro pics of women in underwear on them. I think that's why my SO bought them. People at the father's day BBQ seemed to enjoy.

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        1. re: Glencora

          The entire 4-pack was $1.99? Were these 1 liter bottles?

          If so, that's a great deal.

          1. re: nuraman00

            No, they were more like 10 oz. I don't have any here to check, but they were the size of beer bottles. Initially, one dad wouldn't let his daughter have one because they looked so "adult."

            1. re: Glencora

              That is a great deal. A few months ago the Pasta Shop was selling them and they were at least $1.99 per bottle. However, IIRC they were even more expensive than that. I didn't think much of them though.

              1. re: rworange

                There are 2 configurations, both totalling the same amount of soda. One is a 4 pack of smaller bottles, the other is a single large bottle. Both sell for $1.99. I asked about them 3 months ago when they first popped up at GO RC. At that time, no one seemed to know much about them (not even the GO staff), so I bought one 4 pack of each flavor to sample.

                Except for the blue label, the color of each soda matched the color of its label. The blue label soda was cloudy white.

                The blue label was lemony, the green label was minty, and both were fairly sweet. The brown label was a mixture of cola, root beer, and Dr Pepper.

                The red label seemed like a mix of herbs and spices - like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, anise, basil. It was not as sweet, but most prominent was a bitterness that really hit you on first sip, then subsided with subsequent sips. The label actually says bitters.

                I enjoyed them, but would not pay 50 cents a small bottle for them again. However, I've noticed that GO RC is really having a hard time getting rid of their stock. If they mark it down considerably (say 50%), I would consider buying up a bunch.

        2. Redwood City last week:
          2005 Renwood Zin $2.99
          Ussuriyskiy Balsam $6.99

          BTW, has anyone tried Woodbridge Portacinco? Would appreciate any opinion on this port wine as i see them in stock from time to time.

          1. Berkeley/Oakland has Scharffenberger chocolate ($1/1oz) and some nice mozzarella and prosciutto "spirale" ($1.79). The Wild Rock NZ sauvignon blanc is pretty good for $5, and the Oops wines too.