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Jun 11, 2010 09:22 PM

I renjoyed the bread plate.

I ~REALLY~ wanted to like the Oyster Bar in Grand Central.

They were out of fried oysters (at approx 7 pm on Thursday). I then ordered the oysters rockefeller for an app. I saw other diners order hot apps after me and receive them before me.

When I received the oysters rock - it was cold. I ate one before catching the eye of the waitress. She asked if it was cold before I had the opportunity to tell her.

The waitress took them back, and brought me a plate after a few minutes

The remaining oysters appeared to have been slid off the plate, heated, and put back on in a jumble - no lemon garnish this time around! It was quite sloppy - and the cheese now had an odd texture, but it tasted okay.

I ordered the lobster roll as an entree. The lobster roll was very tasty. The cole slaw was soggy, and the sweet potato fries were cold and a bit greasy.

Overall, I enjoyed the bread plate.

I just went to to send a message to the management, but couldn't find a contact link on that site.

PS - I ate at the Blue Ribbon Brasserie the night before. The oysters at the Blue Ribbon were prepped with great care. The oysters at the Oyster Bar NYC - not so much.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie
97 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. The only good things to order at the GCOB are oysters and clams. The rest of the food....not worth ordering.

    1. Agree with guts. As a raw bar, it's pretty damn awesome - the selection of oysters is simply outstanding. But then, I don't need much with my oyster other than a squirt of lemon...