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Jun 11, 2010 09:18 PM

Chinatown Restaurant switching to Sichuan food? [San Francisco]

Chinatown Restaurant (744 Washington), the one that has menuettes in red brocade jackets hawking at the four corners of Washington and Grant, may be switching cuisines. I noticed today that its facade is plastered with signs saying "Coming Soon! Spicy Szechuan [sic] Food." I don't know if this indicates a complete change of focus or just plans to add a few spicy dishes to the menu.

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  1. Any progress here?

    Chinatown Restaurant
    744 Washington St, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      The "coming soon" signs were still plastered all over the place this morning. However, if you check out the take out menus which are probably frequently reprinted due to their wide distribution, there are a dozen dishes marked spicy, including three with "Szechuan" in their names (cold noodles, beef, fish). I'm guessing therefore that it's just a slight diversification of the menu.

    2. The annoying sidewalk hawking has kept me away, but I'd be curious to hear if anyone has followed up on this thread.

      The menu is a hodgepodge, but there's a page of eight untranslated "Szechuan Specialties" on the backpage of the takeout menu. The same thing is translated on the menu for their sister restaurant, Quan Ju Fu on Clement. They are: Szechuan spicy crab, house spicy boiled fish (fei teng yu gui), sizzling seafood combo (tepanyaki), szechuan smoked pork, tan tan noodle, Szechuan cold rice noodle, couple's delight, and Szechuan spicy whole fish.

      Other parts of the menu list "water boiled" dishes, e.g., boiled fish and boiled beef and standards served at Chinese American places nowadays.