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Jun 11, 2010 07:46 PM

Middletown, CT - Fishbone now Mezzo Grille

Walked by the old Fishbone location on Court Street in Middletown tonight and saw a sign for the new incarnation, Mezzo Grille. It said opening late June, but that looked a little optimistic to me. They have a very minimalistic website: , but the promise of decent food is there. I never ordered food at Fishbone, but the drinks and music in the outdoor courtyard during the summer were great. If the food is good it will be a much better draw for us. Any info on the new owners would be welcome.

Fishbone Cafe
106 Court St, Middletown, CT 06457

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  1. Good to know--thanks for posting that, Jim. I have to ask, though, what the heck is that water picture supposed to be--Harbor Park when it floods every year?!!! :) Let's hope that's for placement only as they develop the rest of their site.

    06457 could really use a good spot for drinks and music downtown. Would be a great addition to our "restaurant row!"

    1. I am friendly with the operator of Order on Court (yes, now out too), same building, a couple'a doors down. They claim that the people who run Rookies have some sort of stake there. Never ate at Fishbone either, but it seems to have great potential, 'specially if they can take advantage of the summer season

      Fishbone Cafe
      106 Court St, Middletown, CT 06457

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        Thanks for the info BB. Sounds like at least it will still be a place for music and fun, and if we are lucky there may be some good food!

      2. More info on Mezzo Grille. Supposedly opening this coming week. I'm hearing that the Rookies connection is running the bar, entertainment, etc., but that the food is going to be handled by someone else (anyone know?). Check their menu at Looks promising, but no prices listed. To me, that always says you're going to pay more than you want to. Maybe they just haven't sorted out those details yet.

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          <<To me, that always says you're going to pay more than you want to.>> HA HA, let's hope not. ;) Rookie's (formerly Ashley's) was fun way back in the day for HH when I used an alternate identity (thank you, Chrissy!) to get in. Let's hope they get it right.

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            The food was good!! Small menu till glitches are worked out. Beautiful atmosphere. Geared towards an older crowd, which is what we need in Middletown. Hope to get there often.

          2. The website for Mezzo Grille has fleshed out quite a bit, and the folks involved in the place are detailed at . I guess the Hartford Club guy is handling the food. I was smitten with the Hartford Club (great pool room), but my wife didn't like it. Too much of a "man cave" for her, I think. Come to think of it, the menus for women at the Hartford Club had no prices, only the men's. That's way old-school to the point of being offensive (I think I might have to sneak off to Mezzo's "cigar balcony", though).

            1. Checked out Mezzo Grille tonight for dinner. My husband had the ribeye. It was excellently prepared and looked divine on the plate. He raved about the potatoes, which had morsels of bacon in them. I had the roasted tomato and grilled corn chowder. It was also delicious. My cesear salad was also very good. We opted to eat inside instead of on the patio. The music was a little too loud for dinner conversation, but we'd definitely check out the patio if we're doing just drinks and apps. Bottom line is we both agreed that we'd try this place again. We hope it lasts.