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Jun 11, 2010 06:33 PM

Any good places for lunch near Chester, NJ

Hi, first time poster to this board... I'm thinking about going to Alstede Farms tomorrow to pick some strawberries. It's in Chester, but it looks like they don't have a place to grab lunch there. is there anywhere nearby or on the way back to NYC that would be good? A good diner would be great!


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  1. Haven't been there for a long time but you might try the Black Horse Pub in nearby Mendham:

    1. Tabor Road Tavern, Morris Plains. Beautiful environment, great lunch menu, good food at reasonable prices. If the weather is good, the patio is heavenly as well.

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        I like the place, and I think it's good value/$, but I can't call the prices 'reasonable'.

        1. re: johnlockedema

          thanks for the recs! i ended up giong to the jefferson diner,which my wife found. decent diner food, nothing spectacular. but we walked away happy.