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Any good places for lunch near Chester, NJ

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Hi, first time poster to this board... I'm thinking about going to Alstede Farms tomorrow to pick some strawberries. It's in Chester, but it looks like they don't have a place to grab lunch there. is there anywhere nearby or on the way back to NYC that would be good? A good diner would be great!


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  1. Haven't been there for a long time but you might try the Black Horse Pub in nearby Mendham:


    1. Tabor Road Tavern, Morris Plains. Beautiful environment, great lunch menu, good food at reasonable prices. If the weather is good, the patio is heavenly as well.


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        I like the place, and I think it's good value/$, but I can't call the prices 'reasonable'.

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          thanks for the recs! i ended up giong to the jefferson diner,which my wife found. decent diner food, nothing spectacular. but we walked away happy.