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Jun 11, 2010 05:54 PM

What's For Dinner? Part XXXV

Well, we’ve almost reached our 200 again and always go over anyway. So the question is – what are you making for dinner? Is it too hot to cook where you are and you are doing something cold? Is it time for you go grill on the BBQ? Is it cold where you are and you need something warm and comforting? Whatever it is, we want to hear about it and get some great new inspirations for our own meals. Please come share with us.

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  1. Chunks of pork shoulder were rubbed with cumin, s&p, and garlic powder, then browned on all sides 'til crispy. Can of diced tomatoes, chicken broth, 10 peeled cloves of garlic, and some smoked paprika. Stewed in the oven for 4 hours until falling apart, then added can of white hominy and a bunch of chopped cilantro. Took the top off and reduced the whole thing in the oven for about 1/2 hour until it was nice and thick. Served with garlicky rice, and steamed chilled asparagus with a Raspberry vinegar Dijon shallot dressing.

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        That sounds so good I may just have to copy it this week!

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          thanks guys! such a compliment, coming from you all. oh and i forgot, there was maybe a tablespoon of mild diced green chiles (i was cooking for the parents and they can't take any heat, but i had to sneak in some extra flavor!)

      2. Well, I've got a chicken brining (in a beer, water, brown sugar, and salt solution) that I was planning to bake, but my partner and I fell fast asleep when we took a little after-work cat nap! So, it's now 9 pm and I think I'll whip up some black bean quesadillas for tonight and bake the chicken tomorrow for lunch. It's a little comical that I get such a joy out of meal planning, as none of them ever seem to go as planned! =)

        1. Asparagus to start (probably the last till next year)

          Roast beef ( organic rolled joint of rib - second mortgage already applied for)), roast carrots & spuds, steamed brocolli, gravy, horseradish cream (bought).

          Apple pie (bought at a "fine food & plants" fair at a nearby town this morning). With creme fraiche.

          1. I wanted to do a pasta tonight, but I have too many odds and ends hanging around, so I had to plan a meal around things that would otherwise be tossed. I have three types of cheese, some bacon, a surplus of eggs, the better part of a seeded loaf of rye, and two heads of romaine that needed to become a meal.

            I'm going to make romaine soup: sauteeing onions, garlic, and minced carrot, adding the lettuce to wilt, toss in some stock, boil it for a bit, and then give it a light puree, and add some cream. I'll top it with garlic and butter rye croutons, parmesean, and maybe a little bacon. I'll use the rest of the rye, some cheese (muenster and cheddar) and bacon in toasted sandwiches. Ten of the eggs, the rest of the bacon and the last of the Swiss are going into a frittata. I'll boil another dozen of eggs to have on hand (we like quarter them and dip them in soy, and they manage to disappear very quickly in the dark of night).

            It just sounds like there's a lot of bacon in this meal. Really, I have a light hand when it comes to crumbles. It's a *dusting* of bacon, really. I'm sure our hearts will be fine.

            1. Egg salad lettuce wraps with crispy bacon and leftover shrimp gumbo from last night.