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Jun 11, 2010 05:16 PM

NON Montreal-style bagels in Calgary

Just moved to Calgary from Toronto and am having total withdrawls from Bagel World. For those of you who have never had the pleasure (first of all, shame on you!) they are IMO the best bagels in Canada. Hard and crustry on the outside...dense and chewy on the inside. Their twisters are to die for and I swear they weigh more than I do.

I have had and enjoyed Montreal-style bagles...but find them too cakey and sweet for my everyday taste. And the Gryfe's bagels that are light and airy are just too white bready for my taste.

Is there anywhere that makes a decent bagel as I described in Calgary?

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  1. Not really. We don't even have anything as good as Bakeworks. But the bagels at Safeway have their fans are are absolutely not Montreal style. You could also try Great Canadian Bagel.

    We have nothing like Bagel World. And shame on YOU for dissing Gryfes, food of the gods.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      I guess this means I just have to invite my toronto friends into Calgary and beg them to smuggle BWorld bagels in their luggage. Ha!
      Sorry about Gryfe's. I know that many people love them. I just fine them insipid and tasteless. But hey.....if we all liked the same things, the line ups would be horrendous!

      So I assume that there are also no flat bagles in Calgary....i.e. twister bagels that are "scooped" and baked this way so that they are as thin as toast. All crust and little filling. They are the BEST without being too filling.

    2. Going to second the Safeway bagels. They are pretty close to NY style.

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