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Jun 11, 2010 05:11 PM

cheap butcher close to plateau

I just moved in on the Main, and I find that most butcher places in the hood is quite pricey. I usually go to the Maxi on Masson and hunt for specials when I want to have some meat, but I would like some recs for cheap specialty butcher shops not too far away from the Plateau. Chinatown, Rosemont Petite Patrie and Villeray is close enough

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  1. IMO, cheap & specialty do not always go together ...

    There were some good reviews of "Chez Vito" (corner St-Urbain& fairmont). but never been there.

    See this thread for more info :

    I find that I mostly go to PA (on parc ave) for day-to-day meats or to shops at Jean-Talon Market for better meat and service. (ferme st-vincent, porc-meilleur, ...


    Jean-Talon Market
    7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

    1. I go to the Boucherie Fairmount, just south of the Vielle Europe, on the Main. The prices are very reasonable, the produce is always fresh, sausages are home-made and the service given by Joe and his wife is excellent and very friendly. They are of Hungarian origin, so there are quite a few Hungarian products for sale too.

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        Fairmount is the place if you're looking for pork... not so great a selection for anything else really. Still can't be beat for what they do though :)

      2. I agree with Max that specialty butchers are often not cheap.

        East Asian butchers often have very good prices. Marché Oriental and Thai Hour on St-Denis just south of Jean-Talon and five minutes from the JTM both have largish meat counters.

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          I got nice service at Chez Vito, but can't comment on the price. There's a big butcher on Papineau near Rosemont, never been in there but judging from the outdoor look it seems it might fit the 'cheap' bill pretty well.