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Jun 11, 2010 02:37 PM

ISO Pasteis de nata or British-style custard tarts

I am (desperately?) seeking good pasteis de nata or British-style custard tarts in the Tri-state area. (Chinese egg custards will not substitute.) I'm even willing to go on a small road-trip to find them.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. just saw this review (the picture looks amazing) even though it sounded like the pastries themselves aren't awesome. but good lead and makes sense, to find 'em at a portuguese place. Newark seems to be the spot for portuguese, as I've read on many other things.

      picture is near the bottom of this post:

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        You gotta go to Newark if you haven't been, bigjeff, eating at Seabra's Marisqueira is just like being in the old country. Great food, massive amounts of it, nice people, reasonable wine. Great supermarket just down the street, all kinds of Portuguese and central and south American stuff. About 15 mins on NJ Transit or 30 on PATH and you're there. We used to go over for lunch, and schlep groceries back to Brooklyn from there.

        Seabra's Marisqueira
        87 Madison St, Newark, NJ 07105

      2. On occasion, DUB Pies carries British-style custard tarts, though they refer to them as Australian/New Zealand-style custard "pies". I used to get them every now and then from their original Carroll Gardens/Red Hook (Brooklyn) location which I believe is now closed. Their Windsor Terrace shop is still open (211 Prospect Park West...on the corner of 16th Street in Bklyn.).