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Jun 11, 2010 02:36 PM

Sunday "London-y" dinner for 6 including two 13-year-old girls?

Where to take family from Miami, FL for dinner on Sunday? They are staying in South Ken and I live in Belsize Park. Their only request is 'something London-y and casual' at 7pm but I don't think my current favourite - Kalendar - will suit. Any ideas for a central, low-key place with a bit of character?

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  1. the swan restaurant at the globe? it has good views over the river and you can walk along the riverbank to see various sites.

    1. Last week we had dinner at the Chop House, down along the river walk just below the far side of the Tower Bridge. It was lovely food and the view was spectacular if you can sit outside looking at the bridge and Tower of London. My 14 year old loved it. They make a good fish and chips for the girls to have their 'British" meal with the view.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. Instead of Sunday dinner, we ended up going to Fish! for lunch in Borough Market which was perfect. We all had fun exploring the food stalls and then sitting down for fish and chips in the buzzy restaurant.