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Jun 11, 2010 02:18 PM

If anyone has the Demeyere Atlantis sauteuse in the 2.6 and/or 3.5 qt....

Could you please post the diameter of the base? I can only seem to find the overall measurements.


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  1. This is way late, but the pans are still on the market (and Demeyere's Apollo line conic sauteuse is identical except for the handle), so I hope this will help someone:

    The 2.6 quart conic sauteuse base diameter is 6" (top diameter 20 cm, 8.7 inches).

    The 3.5 quart conic sauteuse (and two-handled simmer pot) base diameter is 7" (top diameter 24 cm, 9.5 inches).

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    1. re: ellabee

      I'm so happy you posted this, this is really helpful.

      I'm not certain if you can help, but I'm looking at the Demeyere Atlantis line (I know that you posted about the Apollo), but I was wondering if you or someone else could help me find these measurements:

      I'm looking at the Demeyere Atlantis 12.6 inch Proline pan and was wondering, when measured on the inside bottom of the pan (Not the outside or the top diameter or measuring any of the curved edge) what does the bottom diameter measure in inches? I also was wondering the bottom diameter of the Demeyere Atlantis 4.2 quart Saute pan.

      Thank you to you for this information and thank you to anyone that can help me.