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Jun 11, 2010 01:40 PM

Flats - new pizza in worcester?

has anyone else tried this place near the Blarney stone on Maywood Street? I tried a slice from Flats during my college reunion weekend while walking to the Blarney Stone. it was HUGE and a great value at $3.

because i was a little buzzed, i wanted to try Flats again to make sure it was as good as i remembered it before recommending it to friends. this past weekend i ordered a "di parma" pizza ($16) which involves "white sauce, caramelized onions, fig syrup, gorgonzola, prosciutto di parma, and arugula" according to their menu. the pizza was huge, it took up the entire take out box and they even had to cut off two of the end pieces (and put them elsewhere in the box) to make it fit. you could easily feed 4 with this pizza alone. the box itself was really cool, it was a "green box" or something like that and the top separated into plates and the bottom folded for leftover storage.

the crust was just as fabulous as i remembered - it reminds me of the abbey's pizza crust. thin-ish but not too thin (definitely more substantial than the corner grille and it could stnad up to the toppings without getting soggy), it had a good chew to it and was perfectly cooked (crispy and chewy at the same time). the toppings were very plentiful (it was yummy, but maybe a bit much going on flavor-wise). not only were there the toppings listed but also whole cloves of roasted garlic, some fig halves and some rosemary sprinkled on top. i subbed goat cheese for the gorgonzola b/c i really dont like gorgonzola and i thought it was a great choice.

i cant wait to try more of their menu - a burger (Pasture raised beef from Wolfneck Farm in VT) for $5, the veggie sandwich, some of the other pizza combinations. when i was picking up my order the staff was telling me that the chef/(owner?) used to work at Olives in Boston and he's trying to fit a niche that is empty in the city with more gourmet type pizza. They focus on sustainable, local, and organic products and i think this place is a GREAT addition to the pizza scene.

i was wondering if anyone else has tried this place - the sandwiches or the burgers? i can't wait to try more!

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  1. This is exciting -- I will definitely check it out! Their website sends an impressive message about sustainable eating.

    It's great to see something like this coming to the Woo.

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      Hit this place for the first time today and I'll definitely be back. I got a slice(1/4 pie!) of the special which was roasted corn, chrorizo, carmelized onions, cilantro and sharp provolone. Pretty fucking good! The crust was perfect, about halfway between Corner Grill and Wonderbar in thickness. I also had the mozzarella en carozza, which was a brick of fresh mozzarella, breaded and deep fried served over a pool of house made marinara. Cant wait to try some other things from here.

      They are open Tue-Wed 5-9 PM and Thu-Sat 5PM-230AM

    2. the owner has also had a booth at the main south farmers market (at the ymca, saturday 10am - 2pm) the past couple of weeks. delicious pesto and hummus, pizza kits with dough, sauce, and cheese, and panini that look wonderful. he's a nice guy and it's great for him to be getting out into the community.

      1. Finally got there last night. NOT a good night to eat there; it was probably 90 degrees in there due to the pizza oven overwhelming their little AC unit. Got two pies to go: "shroomin'," with pesto and portobellos, and "hot 'n' sweet," with red sauce, ricotta, sausage, peppers.

        These are GREAT pies. Wonderful crust -- crisp, chewy, not too thick nor too thin. Generous toppings but not so much as to overwhelm the crust. I think this is immediately the best pizza in Worcester.

        Looking forward to trying more things there...

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          I also am on the Flats bandwagon. As everyone else has described the crust is thin but crunchy and chewy. Also, the ingredients are TOP NOTCH. You can tell everything is fresh on the pie. This is def now one of the top 1 or 2 pizzas in Worcester.

          Just one note--They are closed Monday's

          1. re: hoffa2651

            And possibly Sundays, as we tried to go there for lunch the other day, and no dice.

        2. We LOVE this place and feel comfortable with our 1 yr. old eating here. Their pizzas are the closest we can imagine to a true Neapolitan. The crust is perfect (though my husband prefers a crispier crust with more char).
          My ONLY complaint is that the lovely handcut fries and fried pickles are oversalted-- probably due to the use of a high-quality sea salt-- you just don't need much of it. My tongue was burning after eating the fries. Still, I give it 5 stars because the concept and execution are so fantastic and sorely needed in this area. We also tried the burgers and had them double up the patties so they could be cooked med-rare. I wouldn't recommend that approach (prob why it wasn't on the menu that way)--simply too much meat in one bite. All flavor and texture was really wonderful, though and we'd definitely do the burgers again.

          Maywood St, Worcester, MA