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Jun 11, 2010 01:03 PM

Enough with the furshluggina chicken dishes at Indian Buffets, already!

Tandori chicken. Chicken Marsala. Chicken Tikka. Chicken Vidiloo...

Enough with the the chicken dishes at Indian Buffets already! I've been to lots of them between Edison and Lawrenceville. I have chicken dishes coming out of my mehoxis already.

Can't they replace just one chicken dish for a lamb dish? A Fish on my dish maybe? A goat in my boat? I've been to one in Monmouth Junction a few weeks ago...FOUR CHICKEN entrees...not one other non-veggie type! As said in Cochin, "GEVALT!"

If the Colonel doesn't serve goat, why can't the Indian Buffets serve one of their steam trays with a little more variety? Ingredients cost a bit more? Well if I don't want to go because of the overabundance of pulkas and fleegles, they'll lose more by the loss of my revenue.

Friends who own Indian Restaurants...pull up your standards. You don't go to Baskin Robbins and get a three-scoop vanilla cone, do you?

Make a LAMB dish, for corn's sake!


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  1. I go to the place in Plainsboro (in the shopping center off scutters mill?/by the CVS) and they always have 1 lamb dish.

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      Parking is pretty bad for that shopping center.

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        Will is pretty good. Been going to Star of India (I think that was it...not the one by the Chinese Supermarket) since CVS was Caldors. But many others still have a lesser selection.

      2. Whoa! Chicken Marsala?!!! In an Indian restaurant?

        I think you have put your finger on the reason for the over-abundance of chicken dishes: lamb and fish are too expensive for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

        And for the record, I hate buffets!

        P.S. Love the Yiddish terminology! lol

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          I'd venture a guess and say Moxie was referring to Chicken tikka masala ,

          1. re: Tay

            Aha! I think you're right, Tay!

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            Marsala, na na. Tikka Masala, Ah ha! I stand corrected. But you know what I'm talking about. I left out Chicken Curry.

          3. For 10$ AYCE buffet, I'm guessing it's going to be very hard to serve lamb and goat for the most part.

            Aangan usually has at least 1 fish dish though.

            Aangan Restaurant
            , Englishtown, NJ 07726

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              Lamb I could see (taste?), but even though I love goat, I doubt you would move much of it at any standard issue Indian buffet place...

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                I've had goat from the buffet at Masala Kitchen in Marlboro. The weekend buffet is around $12.95 as I recall.

                Masala Kitchen
                318 US Highway 9, Englishtown, NJ 07726

            2. I would like it if they had even a better selection of vegetables. (When was the last time you saw bhindi masala on a buffet?) I understand that lamb and goat are more expensive, but what about okra and eggplant?

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                Perhaps you could make that suggestion to Mgmt

              2. Thanks for the a sidenote, there's a pretty decent Pakisani-halal restaurant, Supreme, in Kendall Park on Route 27...they have Goat, an occasional lamb dish, curries in addition to other stews. And they only charge $8 weekdays. If they can do it economically, why not the northern or southern-style Indian buffets?

                I went to one in East Brunswick last Friday...was good but they had only Tandori Chicken and Chicken Curry...the other steamtrays had veggie dishes. It was pretty good, but one other non-chicken meat dish would certainly have been appreciated.

                And I see a trend I'm not happy with...cutting out salads. No lettuce-tomato-onion bowls, although they had mint and another chutney.

                A shonda.