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Jun 11, 2010 12:54 PM

Specific recommendations for food in Cannes, Nice, Eze

Hi again,

Now that I've gotten the Paris restaurants almost finalized, I need to turn to the Cote d'Azur restaurants.

In Cannes, we were thinking of a good seafood restaurant, preferably one with a view.

In Nice, we were hoping for an Italian restaurant.

And in Eze, would you pick Restaurant Chateau Eza (in Chateau Eza) or La Chevre d'Or (in Chateau de la Chevre d'Or)?

However, I'm open to any recommendations for great restaurants in those cities.


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  1. For a great bouillabaisse, go to Tétou in Golfe Juan, just east of Cannes. Otherwise go to Bacon on the Cap d'Antibes.

    It doesn't make sense to go to an Italian restaurant in Nice. The best is Allegro. We've made plenty of posts here about the very good little Nice restaurants: Millésime 82, Flaveur, L'Aphrodite, Don Camillo, Keisuke Matsushima etc.

    La Chèvre d'Or is a pretentious, overpriced, tourist trap. Château Eza is better, but you would do much better at the nearby Hostellerie Jérôme in La Turbie.

    We recently had a surprise excellent meal at Les Agapes in Vence. I recommend it.

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      I second L' was reccommended by another chef in Nice, and it was quite good with a well priced wine list

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        We were thinking of going to Millesime 82 as suggested by beaulieu... however, I cannot find anywhere on their website what their options for Saturday lunch would be. I emailed them to no avail... does anyone know if they have the regular 18 Euro lunch menu available on Saturdays as well?

        Thanks in advance!

      2. If you like seafood, try La Table le Cap-Estel, in eze. They have two prix-fixe menus that start at under 80 euros. Dramatic location.

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          Oakglen - can you tell me some more about Cap-Estel? Someone had told me about it being an amazing location, but I didn't realize you could eat there. How difficult is it to get there sans car? Can you walk from Eze Bord De Mer train station? Is there somewhere online I can get info on the prix-fixe menu? Any info is much appreciated - thanks!

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            The location is beautiful, but a very long walk from the Eze-bord-de-mer train station. They open the restaurant to the public because the city made them do it to grant the building permit for the renovation. The cuisine is not up to the price level. They will not open the imposing gates at the top of the hill for you unless you have a reservation.

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              OK thanks. We are considering a car but are trying to avoid it. Thoughts on having lunch there?

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                Beaulieu - was just going to post a new thread about this, but thought I'd reach out directly to you as well. In general, do you have any good lunch spots that you recommend in on the coast that are easily accessible via public transit? (Excluding Nice and Villefranche - we're saving those cities for our dinner plans since we are staying in VF so it just makes for easier to/from dinner transit). Doesn't have to be anything fancy/haute, just something with quality food, with a nice view maybe or even just in a cool location. Thanks!

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                  A short walk from the Golfe Juan train station are Tetou and Nounou. The first is just for bouillabaisse and is expensive, but definitely worth it. The second has a broader menu and is less expensive. Not far from the Antibes train station are Les Vieux Murs and Le Figuier de St-Esprit, both charming and good. You can walk to Mirazur from the Menton Garavan train station. Bon appetit.

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                    Thanks Beaulieu! Mirazur's menu and concept looks interesting and the scenery looks unbeatable. We only have 2 full days down there so I am picking to-do's for one, and my husband the other. He would like to see Monte-Carlo, or possibly Cannes. I'm thinking if we do Monte-Carlo we can catch a meal at Mirazur, but correct me if I'm off base here. If you have something in Monte-Carlo that's decent for lunch and not frou-frou, let me know. Same for Cannes in case that's what we end up doing. And if you ever find yourself visiting my nexk of the woods (Philadelphia) I will be sure to return the favor!!

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                      I suppose that everyone should see Monaco and Cannes once and get it out of his system so that, if he is a foodie, he can concentrate on going to markets and restaurants the next time. In either place just go to any convenient restaurant at lunch time. It won't be better or worse than the others, except the very expensive ones. Theoretically you could get back on the train in Monaco and go to Menton Garavan, but that really chops up the day.

          2. Thanks everyone. Someone had told me once that it would be a good idea to have Italian in Nice because it is so close to Italy. I had also seen good reviews of Millesime 82 and Keisuke Matsushima so I will look into these as well as the others mentioned.

            Beaulieu, what is the restaurant at Hostellerie Jerome like? Is it possible to get there without a car? On that day, we had intended to go to Monte Carlo during the day, then possibly to Eze under the assumption those restaurants were good. Would it make more sense just to have another dinner in Nice since so many restaurants seem good there?

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              Well, it isn't easy to get from Monaco to Eze or to La Turbie without a car even though they are close. There are busses, but you might have to change. And there wouldn't be many busses back to Nice after dinner. From Nice to Monaco you can take a train or the frequent 100 bus, but the train is much faster and more comfortable.

              L'Hostellerie Jérôme is a good restaurant with local cuisine worth its two stars in my opinion, but it is enclosed with no view and only a small terrace. I think it would make a lot more sense to have your dinners in Nice.

            2. Late to this thread, but I'll post anyway for the sake of posterity. I know it mixes up your original request of location/cuisine...but combining great seafood with a great view -- the bouillabaisse at La Mere Germaine in Villefranche sur Mer (around the bend from Nice) is unbeatable.

              1. I agree with the recommendation for seafood at Bacon in Juan-Les-Pins--a little on the quiet side, hardly the bustling Cote d'Azur restaurant--but fresh, fine, and refined seafood.

                Eze is atmospheric, but very touristy--a sure stop for every cruise ship bus tour from Monte Carlo. If you're going to all the trouble to rent a car and drive around, why not go instead to Jacques Maximin in Vence, secluded in the hills in a stunning garden setting, with top-notch food?

                As far as Cannes, it's hard to find a better pizza anywhere than what they serve at Vesuvio, near the Hotel Martinez, on the Croisette (but AVOID the pasta). Le Caveau, close to the port on the Rue St.-Antoine serves up a mean paella.

                In the old market place in Nice, search out Therese, the finest stand for socca, the nicoise chickpea pancakes, now a dying art. Are they addictive or what! But be prepared, she sells out early.