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Jun 11, 2010 12:44 PM

ISO Banana leaves around Chicago

I am looking for banana leaves in the Chicago area. I've looked at some stores in Chinatown but I haven't found them so I would appreciate any recommendations on where to find them in Chicago or in NW Indiana.


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  1. Practically all Hispanic grocery stores carry frozen banana leaves.

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    1. re: Eldon Kreider

      I haven't seen them in the stores I've been in so I'm looking for specific stores that people have seen them in.

      1. re: mjane79

        A long way from NW Indiana, but near my home HarvesTime Foods and Cermak Produce both carry them in their freezer cases.

        If you go to HarvesTime, stop at Nhu Lan just east of their parking lot for banh mi. They also supply the mini baguettes for several other banh mi shops in Chicago.

        HarvesTime Foods
        2632 W. Lawrence Ave.
        Chicago, IL 60625

        Cermak Produce
        4234 North Kedzie Ave.
        Chicago, IL 60618

        Nhu Lan
        2612 W. Lawrence Ave.
        Chicago, IL 60625
        for more than you may want to know:

    2. I have seen them at Tony's at Harlem avenue and 24th street in North Riverside. They are in the produce section