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Jun 11, 2010 11:29 AM

Rogue States ~

Pass by this place in the 1300 block of Conn Ave NW.
Any reports?
Compaired to BGR / Five Guy's / RHB?

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  1. I personally didn't like it that much. I got a basic burger and the entire thing fell apart after taking one bite. Soggy bun, toppings all over the place, the meat fell was just a mess. I don't mind a sloppy burger every now and then but it shouldn't fall apart after one bite.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      If you are ever in Bethesda there is a great new burger place called FRESH GRILL on Fairmont. They have grilled chicken & fish sandwiches, too- w/ homemade potato chips.

    2. Had the house burger - a bit salty but cooked nicely (rare) which kept it soft. I liked the bun - soft enuf to sop up the juices but with a nice toasty crust to grip. I did not experience what Elyssa commented - rather thought the burger held together well enough...but I did not have cheese nor add any supplementary sauces since I wanted to taste the MEAT and the 'house spices' (which I did not find anything special and as mentioned above, emphasized salt)
      In comparison to 5G - which is now franchised everywhere - the meat texture and bun is better than what I've had recently at NJ and NY LI franchises.
      Is RS worth $7? Well, if i'm meeting folks near DuPont, why not?
      But I might go across the road to check out Go Burger which is opening!
      BTW - while it is summer and one should expect inexperienced counter help, the young man needed me to repeat 3x that I wanted a RARE burger, failed to give me a cup for my drink, failed to have any fresh brewed ice tea in the barrel, proceeded to spill water on the counter while setting up to brew new iced tea.....and then failed to wipe the counter clean of the water before turning his attention to a game on his phone.......

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      1. re: makanhounds

        Dinner and a show for the price of an overpriced $6 hamburger. Not a bad deal at all. ;)

        1. re: MikeR

          I like the ethics, don't like the burger.

      2. offer a voice of dissent, I really like Rogue States. To be fair, I have only been there twice, so perhaps I happened to hit them on good days. I've had the Rogue State (house spice blend) and the Square One (salt and pepper). On both occasions, my burgers were cooked to a perfect medium (pink). Normally I prefer medium rare, but I decided to go with what they offer and get the medium. The burgers were really juicy and I liked the large buns (although, they are different from other buns, so I could see where someone might not like them). My complaints are the fries (they were fine, but were a small portion) and the bacon (it was thicker cut than I prefer). I'd definitely go back, though, especially if I was in the Dupont area. I'd say it's comparable to BGR in terms of the burger, but the actual restaurant was much cleaner than BGR (at least the one in Dupont). It's definitely better than Five Guys. I view Five Guys as more of a fast food place, though, whereas I would put Rogue States, BGR, Good Stuff, Ray's, etc. a step above that.

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        1. re: lilkimbo

          It was the bun I disliked - it was strangely sweet, which struck me hard as being just wrong.

        2. I put them in the better than most category. I like their offerings so far (wonder if theyll expand the menu at all though). Simple and decent is always nice. Lunch for under $10 in Dupont Circle is cheap no matter how you slice it so I dont get the concept that its "overpriced". And I havent had the bun fall apart in the 3 or 4 times Ive eaten there. And I actually like the bun for essentially the same reasons makanhounds notes. And it doesnt hurt that ordering (and customizing) your burgers online is very easy to do.

          Still waiting impatiently for Shake Shack though...

          1. Rogue States is my favorite burger place in burger-rich Dupont Circle. The "Ciao Down", which is made w/garlic and basil, is excellent.

            The last time I was there, they seem to have doubled the quantity of the french fries that come w/each order.