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Food carts coming to Greenway

Looks like some food carts are coming to the Greenway including Clover Food Lab Truck (excellent!), Silk Road BBQ (sounds promising), and Andale (Argentinian sandwiches - similar to Chilean?). The other carts sounds pretty boring.

Seems like a move in the right direction to me and will be checking them out next week.


Silk Road BBQ
Rowes Wharf Plaza, Boston, MA 02110

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  1. I'm curious why the article says Clover sells "mostly" vegetarian food. Vegan counts as vegetarian too. Do they know something we don't? :o

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    1. re: kobuta

      They have eggs in some things, which not all vegetarians consider to be vegetarian

      1. re: pierce

        Um yeah, those would be vegans....

        1. re: galleygirl

          not necessarily. one can not be an ovo-lactovegetarian and also not a vegan

          1. re: jgg13

            Really? Exactly what would that entail?

            1. re: galleygirl

              Clearly, the differentiating factors are consumption of sea cucumbers and emu oil.

              1. re: davis_sq_pro

                And don't forget the non-ovolactovegetarians who will _still_ eat apples, even tho they're pollinated by bees....

              2. re: galleygirl

                Vegans would eschew all animal products. For instance, one could be a non-ovolactovegetarian and still wear leather, but a vegan would not.

                Another example (silly, but I'd assume this would be the case), something like swallows nest would be out of bounds for a vegan but ok for a non-ovolacto

      2. Someone please tell my wife (and my doctor while you're at it) that bbq, hot dogs, and sausages are now considered healthy food.

        1. Saw Andale setting up today. Anyone try any of the new carts?

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          1. re: Blumie

            Is this the same Andale that's in the corner of the 125 Summer that is also owned by Zocalo?

            Didn't see anything on the website about the cart

            203 Broadway, Arlington, MA 02474

            1. re: Blumie

              That seems like cheating - the restaurant is right there.

              1. re: nsenada

                Not so much different than Herrera's if it is the same place. But like I said, there's nothing on the website so maybe it's a different purveyor

                1. re: Beachowolfe

                  The logo is the same - just walked by. Also saw a "dogs 'n spuds" truck, but didn't investigate. Hit the Clover Truck - I see why people like it so much - the chickpea fritters were great - sort of a cross between a crunchy beignet, and falafel. Everything is obviously quite fresh and homemade, including the pickles and cabbage (or was the purple stuff radish or turnip? It went down the hatch so quickly I couldn't tell). Rosemary fries were excellent, hot out of the frier. No shade anywhere to be had, though, so I brought them back to the office.

                  1. re: nsenada

                    "Dogs n spuds" is almost as bad as "Tots n nugs" aka most of the Sysco bar food you can get by selling to drunk college kids.

                    Oh, those were the days. :-)

                    1. re: yumyum

                      Mmm - drunk college food. I remember a sandwich that was sold off a cart in college that was about 5 inches tall, and contained a chicken patty, half a pound of turkey, cheese, tomato and mayo. Tasted like God to my Old Milwaukee-marinated tastebuds.

                2. re: Blumie

                  Tried Andale cart today. Got a chorizo sandwich with chimichurri sauce. Tasty, but too small (just one sausage link) and a bit over-priced ($6.75). I went back to the cart to let them know the price was too high for the quantity and they said they are planning to drop the price tomorrow. Probably down to burrito levels ($5.75). Next time, I'll grab a burrito.

                  Would have been nice if they offered my something today since they acknowledged the sandwich was overpriced.

                  Yesterday I had a Pearl 1/4-pound dog with sauerkraut from the "Dogs-n-Spuds" cart that was excellent. And a bargain at $3.

                  I want the carts to thrive, so I'll be trying all of them when the weather is good.

                  1. re: spicyivan

                    Whereabouts is the Dogs-n-Spuds cart? Thanks

                3. The Swissbakers cart was there today - I am going to badger them into regularly carrying the chocolate berliners.

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                  1. re: nsenada

                    It would be nice if there was a cart grilling up juicy burgers or maybe some quality meat on a stick.

                  2. stopped by Andale, and they had no Argentinian sandwiches today.....not cool (it's the only thing I wanted from them), so I went accross the ways and tried the hot dog cart....it was delish. 3$ for a jumbo dog (2$ for regular), with a clearly home made dill relish (my favorite kind, and it's oddly rare around here....most server sweet, blech), and onion (they used green onion for this, a very pleasant surprise). all in all, a very good dog.....not Speeds, but not trying to be either. Only drawback was the mustard squeezer had a clog, and the mustard was getting warm in the sun, long story short, mustard all over my shirt and pants.....no big whoop, it's casual day, I can take it.

                    1. Anyone know what happened to Silk Road? I saw the truck on Monday, but they were gone yesterday and today. Did they move? And has anyone tried it yet?

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                      1. re: davis_sq_pro

                        They had some permit issues, I think. From their facebook page:

                        "Trial run today at Greenway. What a spectacular park! One of the prettiest spots in all Boston.Trial results: need more electricity, set-up was easy, the neighbors are thrilled. Surprised to learn today we also need a "state permit, and please 'cease and desist' until." More permits than Celtics banners. Starting (hopefully) next week."

                        1. re: Spenbald

                          So I finally tried Silk Road BBQ - and my verdict is mixed. First off, the service was extremely nice, you get free tea, and it's fun to watch your food get grilled over buring wood/charcoal on the Greenway. So that is a plus.

                          Now on to the food. I got the special sirloin kebab meal with mediterranean salad and rice pilaf. The salad was all right - but needed more dressing. The rice was pretty good - I liked the addition of chick peas The kebab was good - cooked to order - nice flavor and juiciness. My biggest complaint was portion size/value. For $12, you receive a fairly small kebab, with rice and salad. Compared to either Sultan's Kitchen or House of Kebab, the portion size is considreably smaller and also more expensive. Also, the salad/rice I feel is a bit better at SK or HoK.

                          So at that price point/portion size, I would not be a regular, particularly compared with better values nearby. Still the people seem very nice, so I hope it does work out for them.

                          Silk Road BBQ
                          Rowes Wharf Plaza, Boston, MA 02110

                          1. re: AmbigEthnic

                            Have you tried either of the Karo's carts at 28 State, or downtown crossing? Those are my faves right now. I'd drink a frappé made from that garlic dressing. $5.50 for a small, which is actually pretty good-sized.

                            1. re: nsenada

                              Yeah - it's one of my regulars - that dressing is amazing. I think you actually get more chicken at Karo's than at Silk Road for less than half the price.

                            2. re: AmbigEthnic

                              That sounds pricey for what you got.

                              I had the pulled pork sandwich the other day. Vey good and at $8.50, not quite a bargain but upper end of fair.

                              Second the Karo carts. I sometimes feel bad fo the other carts in Downtown Xing when there's a 20 person line (that moves) at Karo and nobody at the other carts.

                              1. re: 9lives

                                I also tried Silk Road on Monday, both the Pulled Pork and Sirloin Tips were very good. I also echo everyone elses statement that the people running the stand are very friendly.

                              2. re: AmbigEthnic

                                try the pulled pork sandwich from Silk Road instead of the kebabs. While it's no steal for $8, the value is much better than a $12 kebab meal.

                                1. re: AmbigEthnic

                                  Thank you, we are grateful for this market feedback. We've been wrestling with our price points, and we are going to roll them back, starting next week. We will continue to bundle the MA sales tax into the list price, and we will continue to round down to the nearest quarter (nobody seems to want pennies in their pockets). Thank you again for helping to shape our service, and thanks for your business.

                                  Silk Road BBQ
                                  Rowes Wharf Plaza, Boston, MA 02110

                                  1. re: edcornelia

                                    Awesome. I am definitely going to visit you next week. Any suggestions of what I should get? Do you have a "signature" dish?

                                    1. re: tysonmcneely

                                      Not sure this forum is meant for ongoing dialogue with proprietors, so we'll reply here but ask for forgiveness if this is a protocol breach ... we serve up "social-ness" along with skewers, salads, and sandwiches. Until our online ordering goes live, skewers = slow food (12 minutes, cooked to order). Salads and sandwiches are served as quickly as we can. "Signature dish?" Well, the shashleek stands of Central Asia and the jerk shacks of the Caribbean inspired us to mash up our funky little stand, so I guess jerk chicken shashleek may be it, but not so secretly we're in love with our salads and gazpacho!

                                    2. re: edcornelia

                                      Consider having a sign that says what condiments - like hot sauce - are on hand. And have the kids ask when they take your order.

                                      Thought the pulled pork was very good. Large sandwich.

                                      1. re: lergnom

                                        You are so right! We're about 10% of where we want to be with condiments. Last year, we had a "sauce bar" with lots of experimentation going on. This year, Boston health dept. threw us a late-breaking curve ball about non-mechanical refrigeration which is causing us to pull back on our creativity until we retrofit our stand.

                                    3. re: AmbigEthnic

                                      Hit it up today, overall liked it, not all postives though. Had the jerk chicken meal with the korean carrots as the salad.

                                      - chicken itself tasted really good, succulent/juicy on the inside, nice smokiness from the charcoal.
                                      - carrots were also quite tasty
                                      - The folks there were super friendly

                                      - the carrots were described as 'spicy', and jerk is something that i expect to be spicy. given the heat outside perhaps i shouldn't complain but there was zero noticeable heat in either case. they were both really good, i wouldn't let the lack of spiciness steer me away, but they'd be much better if they brought the heat.
                                      - i wasn't a fan of the rice. given that AmbigEthnic specifically gave praise to the rice, perhaps it was just a bad batch, part of the batch, whatever. Again, not that big of a deal anyways.
                                      - as others have pointed out, you can get a lot more for a lot less money at Karos. Personally I liked this chicken more than Karo's, but not so much that I'd regularly make the extra walk and pay the extra money. For the food + drink I think it comes out to be about a 3-4$ difference, while I enjoyed my lunch today more than one at Karos, I didn't enjoy it 3-4$ more.

                                      So overall, based on the distance for me and the price differential with other options closer, I probably won't go there very often, but when I do, it'll certainly be a nice change of pace. On the other hand, if they could make the jerk rippin' hot, I'd probably be there more frequently ;)

                                      1. re: jgg13

                                        The jerk *is* going to get hotter (we're closet chili-heads tiptoeing up the scoville scale so as not to overwhelm the statistical majority who believe that medium-hot = very hot). The 'spicy' korean carrots (koryeska morchovka) are a complex blend of heated-then-chilled cumin/coriander/sugar/soy/garlic/cayenne. Alas for the heat fans, we're not likely to make this super-hot, as we're paying homage to the central asian original.

                                        1. re: edcornelia

                                          Good to hear that about the Jerk. You guys have a great advantage of open charcoal when cooking the Jerk as opposed to the Oven like most local restaurants. One question though, is the Jerk seasoning made from scratch or a bottled version?

                                          For the record I have enjoyed what I have tried and plan on returning.

                                          1. re: Matt H

                                            We make everything from scratch!

                                          2. re: edcornelia

                                            I'm sorry to give you some blunt somewhat-negative feedback, but those carrots don't taste even remotely Korean as far as I'm concerned. As someone who regularly consumes large amounts of kimchi and various banchan I was really looking forward to them. But I think what you've created is actually a Russian take on Korean food; I assume you're following a recipe like the one that follows?


                                            Adding some kochujang (Korean hot pepper paste) would REALLY help these to taste more like Korean food and at the same time would greatly increase the heat level (which would be a very good thing)...

                                            1. re: davis_sq_pro

                                              Please, not taken as negative feedback, rather as part of the flow of global fusion dialogue that we're all about, so thank you.

                                              True story: during WWII, the Soviets imprisoned tens of thousands of ethnic Koreans in their gulag system in Central Asia. Curious Russian soldiers guarding the camps watched the Koreans "kick it up a notch" with carrots. After the war, the soldiers returned to their villages throughout the Soviet Union, and proclaimed to their potato-and-cabbage-eating relatives the wonders of these "korean carrots" (koryeska morchovka). By the 1950s, this vegetable dish had become ubiquitous throughout the Asian landmass, propelled by the Soviet economic and cultural dominance.

                                              see: http://www.silkroadbbq.com/queens.html

                                              So, you are correct! This is essentially a Russian food.

                                              p.s. re: the "spiciness," the challenge in meeting the art form for this particular food is in the sweetness variability in carrot batches, the variations in garlic, and the "heat blooming" of the spices. There's a particular harmony that is called for in which the cumin and coriander dance around the savory saltiness of the soy, and if it's done correctly, the garlic and chili heat creeps up on you as an after-note. More so than any of our other foods, we're tweaking and prodding this in our daily mixings.

                                              p.p.s. We are also experimenting in the lab with additional "hotter" salads, so thanks for the kochujang tip.

                                              1. re: edcornelia

                                                Had the jerk chicken sandwich today and thought it was excellent. I'm not an authority on jerk chicken (usually I go for pork) but it was nice and moist, with great flavor - was that cilantro and garlic? Definitely got some heat from it, and loved the slaw on top of the chicken. Will be back for the pork - my DCs had it and said it was excellent, and really liked the pomegranate-chile sauce. Love the ambiance, with meat grilling over coals in that metal trough.

                                      2. i'm excited about the idea of food carts on the rose kennedy greenway.i had a silk road bbq pulled pork sandwich last week...killer...reminds me of the take out joint that was part of east coast grille.silk road could probably put the 1/2 the amount of bar-b-q on 2 buns and sell each for $5 bucks each...i'm a cheap eats kinda guy...but the sammy i had was worth every damn penny.i saw the baked potatoes cart....i'll have to try a dog.where is the clover truck?i have had their chic peas thang...it's a winner.

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                                        1. re: workingclasshero

                                          Clover is further down toward South Station. Keep walking along the greenway and you'll run into it. I haven't visited for a while because every time I try there is a huge line.