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chicago - where to refill my grill's liquid propane tank?

Hi - I live in Bucktown in Chicago and I want to refill my grill's liquid propane tank, not exchange it for a full tank at a gas station. Does anyone know where I can take my tank to have it filled? Thanks!

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    1. You should repost it on the Chicago site.

      1. Many U-Haul locations provide this service. Call ahead first and ask.

        1. Why wouldn't you just exchange it for a full one, if I might ask? (I'm sure you already know you can do this at most hardware stores, supermarkets, etc.)

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            It's cheaper, but I do it because I go to the place on 39th and Ashland which means I can hit up Filbert's on 34th for a case of rootbeer and a case of mixed soda.

          2. There's a U-Haul facility right in the 'hood -- on Damen, between Fullerton and Webster that refills propane tanks.

            1. A lot of jewels, home depots, menards have exchanges. Even some Walgreens.

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                The OP is looking for a place that refills the same tank, rather than exchanging it for another, full tank like the supermarkets and hardware stores do. (I still don't understand what the advantage is; I've always just exchanged the tank.)

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                  it's cheaper.. a refill might $10-15 and an exchange is more likely to be $15-25. Also of note: most of the exchange places (blue rhino/amerigas) have reduced their tanks from 20lbs to 15lbs over the past few years without changing their prices.

                  One other reason: the tanks you get in exchanges are often of much worse quality than the tank you'd buy yourself or that came with your grill.

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                    exactly! i had a nice tank with a gauge that showed when it was running low, and where i used to live, filling my tank was cheaper than exchanging. thanks for everyone's help.