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Jun 11, 2010 09:57 AM

Potato Salad Recipe


I am looking for an awesome potato salad recipe. I have had red bliss potato salad that is creamy, has a bit of chopped onion, black pepper, salt, mayo based and is on the sweet side. I believe there is vinegar in it too. I have had it this way with straight up regular potatoes too. When it's made right, it's absolutely delicious. Hooters actually has a great potato salad too, so if someone has that recipe, please share.

Thanks - Marco

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  1. Try Home Cooking or Recipe Boards.

    1. My "secret" is to add boiled eggs, good mayonnaise, and chopped celery, onion, stuffed green olives -- and minced pickled cocktail onions.

      1. My recipe is simple, and everyone loves my potato salad.
        Potatoes, white cut into similar sized pieces
        eggs, one hard boiled per potato
        Onion - one medium vidalia chopped per 6 potatoes
        Hellmann's mayo

        Cook potatoes in heavily salted water. You should be able to taste the salt when you dip your hand in the water. Becareful not to overcook the potatoes, you want a nice firm toothsome finished product.
        Cool potatoes.
        Chop hard boiled eggs

        mix chopped onion, potatoes, eggs, mayo in bowl. I don't measure the mayo, I start with a big spoonful, mix by hand, and add more if I feel it needs more moisture. Cool completely and serve. I don't like all the other stuff in my potato salad, I like it clean and simple, but the salting of the water is the key, without it the potatoes have little to no flavor.

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          That is the Kuntz/Owen Official Family Recipe, except that our version calls for 1 onion to every 4 potatoes. Slight variations are allowed within the canon, such as a bit of finely-chopped celery, or fresh dill, or some chopped scallion, but neither pickle nor mustard may sully its purity, and if you DARE to use Miracle Whip...! After waaaaayyy too much experimentation, the only way I've managed to improve on it is to make the mayonnaise, and add a smidge of sour cream.

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            Your recipe is very similar to my mother's. The only differences is that her recipe calls for chopped celery and a small jar of chopped pimentos. She frequently also put in chopped scallions. I think she liked the scallions and pimentos for color. Also black pepper. She was very particular and would only use Hellmann's and not Kraft mayo. She was adamant that no mustard went into her potato salad. I've been told I make excellent potato salad (using her recipe). I wouldn't know, I won't eat the stuff.

          2. one secret taught to me by my great grandmother was to put a nice sized piece of onion in the water with the potatoes while they cook. Lends a light sweetness to the potatoes.

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              I just might have to try that next time.

            2. Thanks for all the great tips!