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Potato Salad Recipe


I am looking for an awesome potato salad recipe. I have had red bliss potato salad that is creamy, has a bit of chopped onion, black pepper, salt, mayo based and is on the sweet side. I believe there is vinegar in it too. I have had it this way with straight up regular potatoes too. When it's made right, it's absolutely delicious. Hooters actually has a great potato salad too, so if someone has that recipe, please share.

Thanks - Marco

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  1. Try Home Cooking or Recipe Boards.

    1. My "secret" is to add boiled eggs, good mayonnaise, and chopped celery, onion, stuffed green olives -- and minced pickled cocktail onions.

      1. My recipe is simple, and everyone loves my potato salad.
        Potatoes, white cut into similar sized pieces
        eggs, one hard boiled per potato
        Onion - one medium vidalia chopped per 6 potatoes
        Hellmann's mayo

        Cook potatoes in heavily salted water. You should be able to taste the salt when you dip your hand in the water. Becareful not to overcook the potatoes, you want a nice firm toothsome finished product.
        Cool potatoes.
        Chop hard boiled eggs

        mix chopped onion, potatoes, eggs, mayo in bowl. I don't measure the mayo, I start with a big spoonful, mix by hand, and add more if I feel it needs more moisture. Cool completely and serve. I don't like all the other stuff in my potato salad, I like it clean and simple, but the salting of the water is the key, without it the potatoes have little to no flavor.

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          That is the Kuntz/Owen Official Family Recipe, except that our version calls for 1 onion to every 4 potatoes. Slight variations are allowed within the canon, such as a bit of finely-chopped celery, or fresh dill, or some chopped scallion, but neither pickle nor mustard may sully its purity, and if you DARE to use Miracle Whip...! After waaaaayyy too much experimentation, the only way I've managed to improve on it is to make the mayonnaise, and add a smidge of sour cream.

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            Your recipe is very similar to my mother's. The only differences is that her recipe calls for chopped celery and a small jar of chopped pimentos. She frequently also put in chopped scallions. I think she liked the scallions and pimentos for color. Also black pepper. She was very particular and would only use Hellmann's and not Kraft mayo. She was adamant that no mustard went into her potato salad. I've been told I make excellent potato salad (using her recipe). I wouldn't know, I won't eat the stuff.

          2. one secret taught to me by my great grandmother was to put a nice sized piece of onion in the water with the potatoes while they cook. Lends a light sweetness to the potatoes.

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              I just might have to try that next time.

            2. Thanks for all the great tips!

              1. Boil the potatoes in salted water. Mix together equal parts vinegar and oil with some salt and pepper, set aside.

                When the potatoes are cooked, not too much so they don't fall apart, cut them into bite-sized pieces and toss with the vinegar/oil mixture. Make sure that all the potatoes are covered by the dressing.

                Add in:

                red onion, thinly sliced
                dill pickles, diced
                sweet pickles, diced
                hard boiled eggs, quartered then sliced
                country style dijon mustard
                smooth syle dijon mustard
                Just enough mayonnaise to barely hold the mixture together
                salt and pepper to taste

                Lately, I have been making my own mayo since Hellman's has gotten too sweet for me lately, but for a jarred mayo, Hellmans, Dukes or Best Foods should work well.

                This is based, loosely, on the Silver Palate American Potato Salad recipe.

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                  Yes, the OP refers to a taste of vinegar in that salad...I make mine similar to smtucker...you need to add some vinegar to the potatoes while they are still hot or at least warm.

                2. This is the best potato salad I have ever had, a little involved but so worth it. I make it the day before

                  Cajun Potato Salad
                  2 tbls margarine
                  1 tbls mince garlic
                  1 bunch (5-6) stalks shallots, tops only
                  1 tbls liquid smoke
                  2 tbls Worcestershire
                  2 lbs bacon, fried and crumbled
                  5 lbs red potatoes boiled in crab boil, cut up
                  18 ounces mayo
                  12 eggs boiled, yolks separated, whites chopped
                  1 cup spicy Creole mustard
                  ½ cup yellow mustard
                  2 tbls Tabasco
                  salt and pepper to taste

                  In med. Size skillet, melt margarine over medium heat. Add garlic and shallots; cook until wilted. Add liguid smoke and Worcestershire sauce. Cook for 15 minutes; cool. Add bacon and set aside.
                  Mix potatoes, mayo and egg whites in a three gallon bowl. In a separate bowl, mash egg yolks and mix with both mustards and Tabasco sauce. Combine mustard mixture and potatoes. Add bacon mixture then salt and pepper to taste.

                  1. Thanks so much! Great feedback!

                    1. CELERY SEED is a secret magical ingredient that will enhance most Pot salads. Crispy bacon pieces arent a bad idea either. And use a dab or so of Sour Cream in place of and mixed with any Mayo.

                      You're welcome

                      1. I like a vinegary potato salad.

                        After the potatoes are cooked, I peel and cut the potatoes while still hot. Next, hit the cubed potaoes with salt, pepper and vinegar.

                        Bare bones basic potato salad: mayo, celery, onions, pickle relish and more vinegar, as needed.

                        Extras when I feel like it...
                        Hard boiled eggs
                        Chopped Olives
                        Green Onions
                        Dill Weed.
                        Mustard... I'm on the fence about mustard.

                        1. Korean Style Potato Salad (Potato Egg Salad)


                          5 large russet potatoes ( or 8 to 10 medium reds)
                          8 each eggs
                          2 each Fiji apples (or sub semi sweet American apple)
                          1 each nashi pear
                          1/2 teaspoon salt

                          2 cup mayonnaise
                          1 tablespoon sugar
                          1 teaspoon pepper

                          Optional Ingredients
                          3 or 4 green or spring onion
                          2 large carrots
                          toasted sesame seed
                          2 sweet pickles or 1 cucumber
                          3 slices deli sliced ham


                          Fill a pot with cold water, gently add the eggs and bring to a boil over high heat.
                          Cook for 4 minutes, remove from heat and cover.
                          Let stand until cool.

                          Wash the potatoes then peel and rinse in cold water.
                          Cut into about 1 inch by 1 inch cubes and rinse again.
                          Bring a large pot of water to a full boil, add 1/2 teaspoon salt and the cubed potatoes (add 2 cubed carrots now if desired).
                          Boil until tender (chop stick or fork passes through with only slight resistance).
                          Drain and let cool.

                          Set 8 or 9 of the cooked potato cubes aside and add the rest to a large mixing bowl.
                          Peel and cube 4 of the boiled eggs, then add to bowl.
                          Peel apple and nashi pear, then cut into about 1 inch by 1/2 inch pieces and add to bowl.
                          Toss until well mixed.

                          Make the dressing
                          In a medium mixing bowl mash the remaining eggs and potato cubes together.
                          Add the mayonnaise. (finely chop 2 green onions and/or 2 sweet pickles then add now if desired)
                          Add the sugar and pepper (start with smaller amounts and add to taste) then mix well.
                          Dressing should be stiff.

                          Final Mix
                          Fine chop ham slices if used.
                          Add dressing (and chopped ham) to potato mix and stir until well mixed.(You can add a little more mayonnaise if the dressing is too stiff to mix well).
                          If desired garnish with one or two finely chopped green onions and or toasted sesame seed.

                          Chill and serve cold or at room temperature.

                          1. I agree with the posts the include vinegar and am surprised that so many of them don't. Even though I don't like sour tastes (I sneak duck sauce into my bowl of hot&sour soup at Chinese restaurants) I think potato salad without vinegar is bland and greasy. I do not use oil except in German potato salad, which has no mayo. As Cook's Illustrated stresses, it's really important to toss the potatoes with vinegar while they are piping hot and will absorb it. This makes the potato flavor more pronounced and gives the salad that little bit of tang. It's bland if the vinegar is mixed with the mayo and then cold potatoes. I use celery leaves if I have them, in addition to celery seed. Sometimes pickle relish or chopped pickle too, and a sprinkling of paprika on top for color.

                            1. So after looking at this thread yesterday morning I went to work and made a batch of this:

                              4 pounds Idaho "chef" (the big ones) potatoes, boiled with jackets on then peeled and sliced into hunks
                              1 big fat sweet onion, diced to 1/4"
                              3 ribs celery, diced to 1/4"
                              1 red bell pepper, diced to 1/4"
                              5-6 boiled eggs, grated

                              Sprinkle no more than 1/4 cup of white vinegar (yeah, plain, white vinegar) over the above ingredients in a large bowl. Season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle about 2 Tbs. sugar. Toss once.

                              Make a sauce of:

                              2 cups mayonnaise (I was lazy and used Hellmann's)
                              1/4 cup dijon mustard
                              1/4 cup minced pickled cocktail onions (the little white "Gibson" onions)
                              1/4 cup minced stuffed green olives
                              3 Tbs. nonpareil capers, drained and rinsed
                              1/4 cup olive or peanut oil

                              Whiz the sauce in the Cuisinart and add to the bowl of ingredients, toss well then chill for at least an hour. Then, bring it back to room temp for about an hour and serve.

                              Whilst chowing on this mess, we decided to get creative and made little "potato salad tapas plates," adding diced smoked salmon, lump crabmeat, and even diced raw tuna (we took the potato salad to the sushi bar and overwhelmed my sushi chef with demands for sliced/diced exotic seafoods). The caviar/cream cheese version was the very best... (I nuked the cream cheese to make it soft and insinuated it into a small bowl of the potato salad, then carefully folded in some masago and tobiko caviar; you can use the Romanoff stuff they sell in the supermarket and get the same result, although the black caviar tends to turn the salad a peculiar aubergine/green color).

                              Have fun!

                              1. I love it with blue cheese, bacon, celery, finely miced shallot, capers if you like them, mayo, and bit of dijon, a splash of some sort of white vinegar, fresh dill if you like, salt, and pepper. I also use red potatoes with peels. They make a chunkier salad that doesn't break down.

                                I don't have a specific recipe, I just make it.

                                Also, roasted sweet potato chunks with diced red bell peppers and a curry dressing made of greek yogurt, mayo, and curry powder is divine.

                                1. This is an old-fashioned, Southern way to make potato salad--I get rave reviews on it.

                                  Yukon gold potatoes, cooked in skins, cooled slightly, and then peeled and diced in medium-sized chunks. Add sweet pickle relish with juice and let sit for 30 minutes or more. Add chopped celery, red onion, and red bell peppers. Make a dressing of your favorite mayo (I only use Kraft), French's yellow mustard, celery seeds, and black pepper to taste.

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                                    Now that truly is an easy, oold fashioned guide as to how to make a good salad---and it lets your adjust seasonings and addtitions to your taste so you have no one to blame for the outcome. Definitely file this as Lesson 101 How to and you'll be very happy (Iknew you had it right when I saq the celery seed!).

                                  2. I love the potato salad that Gia posted on the Gourmet Today cooking thread. It's made with vinegar, cilantro, chiles and it is very non-traditional but super delicious.

                                    1. Thanks! These are all great!

                                      1. MY favourite potato salad has grilled new potatoes (I parboil first), grilled red onion and greilled red pepper. Make a red wine vinaigrette with adobe chilies and their sauce (from the can), how much depends on your taste. Toss it all together when warm so the ingredients can absorb some of the dressing. Just before serving toss in some baby greens. I like it best served at room temperature. It's great for BBQs and picnics because you don't have to worry about a creamy dressing.

                                        1. Oh, potato salad, the quintessential southern "caviar". There are as many potato salad recipes as there are recipes for meatloaf. My favorite is my mom's. Red potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, chopped onion and celery, pickle relish, diced pimentos, Duke's mayo, mustard, S&P, and the key ingredient, finely diced cheddar cheese! Yum. Most of these ingredients I often have on hand except for celery but you can substitute celery seed.

                                          1. Potatoes cooked, cooled and cubed. One hard boiled egg per large potato, diced. Lots of diced green onion. Lots of chopped green olives. Good mayo, a squirt of mustard, salt and pepper and some of the juice from the green olives. It is a delicious combination!

                                            1. I make two different potato salads: the "midwestern" one, which is my grandmother's recipe, and the "fancy" one, which came from Esquire magazine (of all places). The midwestern one is much like others already listed: potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, dill pickle, onion, mayo & dill pickle juice, with lots of salt and pepper. I tend to use Yukon golds because I don't have to peel them. Granny would be horrified, but I'm lazy.

                                              Here's the "fancy" one: vinegar-y, rich, and (as a friend said recently) "slammin." I use the anchovies, but I don't tell people about them unless I have to.