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Jun 11, 2010 09:27 AM

Here in Fremont, Seattle on my own for the day - what to eat/food related things to see?

Hi. I am visiting friends in Seattle and I have the day to myself to wander around and see Fremont and Ballard. Any suggestions for an easy lunch, a market to stop in at, a coffee that I must have? Or anything else that I must eat/see/do?

Thanks !


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  1. You could check out Savour http://savourspecialtyfoods.com/

    Also La Carta de Oxaca http://lacartadeoaxaca.com/ could be good for lunch

    1. If you move this to the Seattle board you'll get more responses...

      1. Go on the tour at Theo chocolate. It's a few bucks but a good tour and there are samples. Reserve ahead, it fills up.