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Jun 11, 2010 08:43 AM

Saturday lunch not too far from the W hotel

I need a recommendation for a Saturday lunch for a small group not too far from the W hotel on Lexington. It is supposed to rain so I don't want to walk too far.

Cuisine is open, good food since this is a foodie meetup and someone is traveling from Cali, price inexpensive to moderate, maybe something a little fun where we can sit for a while and have a few drinks.

This will be for tomorrow. I'm hoping I have enough time to get some responses.


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  1. Here are some ideas: Pampano, Avra, Dos Caminos or Wollensky Grill

    209 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017

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    1. re: apples

      Pampano does not serve lunch on Saturday. Too bad because he food's very good.

      Pampano photos:

    2. Saturday inexpensive lunch in that neighborhood is tough.

      Maybe Menchanko Tei on 45th between 3rd and Lex? If you are willing to walk a bit further, Grand Central Oyster Bar might be fun (although I have found much of the food to be merely ok -- the raw bar and oyster roasts are good). Also, I think Obao is open on Saturdays (52nd between 2nd and 3rd).

      Grand Central Oyster Bar
      89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017