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Jun 11, 2010 08:42 AM

French girl on a mission

Hi everyone,
You are my source for all my travels and I am never disappointed.
Here is the back story.
French girl, expat for 8 years, going back with american husband to Paris for a weekend.
Happens to be his bday. wants something special, not outreageously priced (not 200 euros/pp, more like 50-70 for lunch if it is a prix fixe)
but nice.

We like fine dining, american contemporary cuisine. I am not a fan of very traditionnal french cuisine.. find it a little boring. I Love fancy, nice places, he does not like fussy places (we went to jean georges in NYC and he did not like it as much because it was too fussy, i thought it was perfect :)...)

So, I am trying to find placed for our 3 days wekeend in Paris in.... August boohoo.
we are going there for a wedding, did not choose the dates!

Considering le cinq, chez l'ami jean etc.. the list from chowhound and the michelin list.

Which of these famous bargain fine dining lunch, would in your opinion be the most creative and less traditional fussy french? (let's just assume they are open, cause I am not going to make you check each one of them.. I know most will be closed..)

Also any fantastic thai/asian in paris?
I want to convinve my hubby that there can be good creative food in Paris.. :)


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  1. Hummm, fancy but not fussy for fifty. CAJ isn't fancy nor fussy, Le cinq fancy not too fussy but not fifty; the new Regalade or Chez La Vieille Adrienne (if del Burgo is still there) fit as does Rech.

    Good Asian/etc at yam’Tcha and Passage 53, Shan Gout & Lao Lane Xang 2.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      but Le Cinq's lunch special is 78 Euros. Not too far off.

      1. re: ChefJune

        yes, I am not completely tied to no more than 70 euros.
        Le cinq is definitely fine at 78 euros.
        I will check your suggestions.

        We have 8 dinner/lunches in the city I think I will do a little bit of everything. I do want to go to one "fancy" restaurant.. I will be my first time ever, i was broke when a student in paris :)

        I will check all the list, but if you think there is a few NOT TO MISS on your paris list, let me know!

        1. re: kirikara

          HI , I am back.. anyone knows if the figaroscope list of restaurants opens during the summer is out?
          I cant find it anywhere..

          1. re: kirikara

            Not really. They've had Dossiers/Periscopes about 1. summer restos with terraces, 2. Places with courtyards, 3. Places open all day and 4. this week's last before the summer break - 12 places for summer and another article on 50 reasons to stay in Paris, giving 3 in July and 3 in August that are open.

    2. I'll let the big boys make the serious recs.
      I would like to recommend a very good Thai/Laotian on rue Belleville: Lao Siam. Must book ahead.
      It also make a big diff when in August you will be in town, as many restaurants are reopened from 15 or 21 August onward. I called and was told by La Régalade St Honoré that it will reopen from 21st onward.
      And welcome back to belle France.

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      1. re: Parigi

        Lao Siam is good, but personally i prefer Rouammit (in Chinatown, same owners as Lao Lane Xang mentioned above)...

        kirikara, for the fancy meal, you might consider Monsieur Lapin...and for a nice long Provencal bistro lunch one day, maybe Chez Janou (which is open 7 days/week)...