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Jun 11, 2010 08:34 AM

What is your guilty pleasure?

I've seen several posts detailing favorite restaurants, favorite dishes, great recommendations for out-of-towners to try, and everyone has differing opinions. This got me thinking... what is your favorite guilty pleasure?

Do you occasionally find yourself at a local dive or chain restaurant and think "I know this is not great, but it really hits the spot." Maybe you only go once a year, or after a long night of drinking, or when you get together with old high school friends, but you still find yourself enjoying every last bite.

I'm Italian and have a difficult time finding a really good Italian restaurant, especially outside of the North End. However, I can't resist going to Carrabba's once in a while for their fried mozzarella and chicken soup. Then there is always McD's breakfast sandwiches. I only get them once a year and always regret it immediately afterwards. Finally, I spent a brief period of time in the south and LOVED Waffle House. It's dirty, it's cheap, and it was the best breakfast ever!

What's your guilty pleasure? Don't be ashamed, we're all friends here...

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    1. while i remain a total snob for pizza, and find that the boston area is still poor in great pie, i have to admit to rarely (if ever) turning down an offered piece. any "house of..." crap, frozen trader joe's or cold from the night before and reheated. i will pass on the big nationals (domino's, etc.) but even there i have been known to fall...

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Folks, we'll ask you all to help us keep this thread focused on specific foods that can be found at specific restaurants in the Boston area. There are a few other threads on this topic floating around on the General Chowhounding Topic and Chains boards if you'd like to discuss your favorite indulgences that are not unique to the Boston area. This search locates some of them. This search finds previous discussions on this topic on the Boston board