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Jun 11, 2010 08:07 AM

Jutes - Another name for these green lychee-like fruit?

I'm not having much luck Googling information about this fruit I bought at the Antigua, GT produce market.

They look like green olives. They are that size. However, like lychees you peel them and there is a the same sort of flesh surrounding the large seed. They flesh is more yellow and there is a sweet-sour quality to it. I am not really fond of them because they also have a tanic quality to them.

Still, I'd like to find out more about them.

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  1. In the West Indies it's called Ginnip.

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    1. re: Duppie

      That's it. Muchas gracias.

      English: Spanish lime, genip, ginep, ginepe, guinep, honeyberry

      Spanish: quenepa, limoncillo, mamón, mamoncillo, grosella de miel, guayo

      French: quenepe, quenett

      The above was from this site which has an excellent photo of opened and unopened jutes. I guess cream-colored would be the better way to describe the pulp

      "Also used to make juice, jam, jelly, and a liquor called "bilí". The seeds are reportedly edible, but are very astringent."

      Good heavens, the pulp to me was astringant ... like a red wine that needs to age a few more years. I can't imagine if the seeds are more so.

      More food info which talks about roasting the seeds. I'll have to see when I'm at the market next time if there are any seeds being sold. There are still a lot of mystery nuts and seeds that I've seen. Uses

      Lovely to know after the fact that the pulp produces an indelible brown stain. I was wearing a good white shirt at the time. I'm glad I was a neat eater.

      Of course, here's the wiki info

      Again ... thanks so much ... mystery solved