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Jun 11, 2010 07:53 AM

Silverspoon BYOB in Spread Egle Village, Strafford/Wayne - anyone been?

Apparently this catering company had a location someplace else and has relocated to Strafford. I haven't been, but a BYOB in my nabe with organic ingredients? Clearly I will be, soon. Any opinions/experiences already?

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  1. I haven't been although it was one of two restaurants a small group was considering for lunch a few weeks ago. I found the menu interesting. My curiousity was piqued again when reading the article below on the Main Line Times website.

    Has anyone been?

    1. Been meaning to try it for some time, and finally ate here last night --- what a wonderful meal. My wife and I started with an arugula salad (with beets and cheese) and pan-seared dayboat scallops (sauted in bacon fat? I think?). Entrees included spot prawn papperdelle and a brined pork loin. We of course argued about which one was better! Everything was fresh and delicious with GREAT service as well. Will certainly be going back soon!

      1. Worth another mention, have dined here twice since last post……..

        Most recent experience was on Saturday evening. Everything was delicious and the restaurant was slammed! Inside and outside seating - several of the tables flipped once, and there were no open seats. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling everyone! Starters included: roasted squash soup, MD littleneck clams, and warm spinach salad. Entrees: lamb loin and pork loin. This is quickly becoming one of ‘go-to’ restaurants!