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Jun 11, 2010 07:16 AM

Le Gourmand Spadina closed?

I walk right by Le Gourmand everyday on my way to work. This morning I was shocked to see it all locked up with a failure to pay rent notice taped on the door. So too were the many people who streamed out from the Spadina streetcar who no doubt habitually drop in to grab a coffee and baked goodie before heading to work only to be confronted with this.

I took the closures of their other locations as something of a blessing in disguise in that they would focus on their original location. I know the place has as many detractors as there are fans, but Le Gourmand definitely filled a specific niche in the Queen/Spadina area all these years.

Perhaps this may be a temporary situation. If it is permanent, I'll sure miss the chocolate chip and nookie cookies, mac and cheese, chili . . .

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  1. OH NO! I will miss their green tea chai lattes. : (

    1. This is such sad news...LOVED their chocolate chip cookies and salads. The place was always busy, which makes me wonder...who was mismanaging the money?

      1. I adore the nookie cookies and have given them to everyone I know to try. This is a sad day, indeed.

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          Surely someone somewhere is making or has the recipe for the Nookie Cookie. I am devastated. Any clues?

        2. yesterday i noticed the location in the yonge and bloor hudsons bay food court was also closed....things that make you go hmmmmmmm

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            The Yonge/Bloor location closed because of the same reason - behind in rent.

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                The HBC location closed just last week - it was always packed at lunch time. There are plenty of joints in that food court that weren't as busy and charged much less - it couldn't have been a revenue/expense issue. I think there's much more to this....

                1. re: liger

                  perhaps it wasn't a revenue issue, but who knows how their expenses were set up? even if they were busy and charging more, it is not hard to imagine how a business that is not run properly (and i am not talking specifically about le gourmand because i have no idea how it was managed) could have expenses exceed revenue. from what we have read though, they clearly had issues with paying rent.

                  that said, i was never that impressed with their coffees (and i always seem to get burnt milk in my lattes at the spadina location), though i have enjoyed their cookies and the occasional croissant was not bad.

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                    @pinkprimp - fair enough on the expenses. they did tell TO Life a few months ago that these 2 locations were stronger than ever and that he was planning to open up a few more stores.

                    someone planning to to open up additional stores must of had their ducks in a row right?

                    1. re: liger

                      I was shocked when I went there this morning and saw that they hadn't paid rent since last October...they must have really got themselves into trouble with the Yonge&Eg location...

                      I mean, I was there several times a week and there were lineups to the door in the mornings and often at lunch. I can't imagine that there were problems with the sales being low!

          2. That's crazy. They were always so busy...

            I mentioned this on a related thread.... if you are jonesing for similar chocochip cookies head to Miss Cora's Kitchen in Kensington Market. Very similar and very good!