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Best Bets for Dinner at Mohegan Sun this Saturday night?

Heading down to Mohegan Sun for the Taylor/King concert this Saturday night. We've never been there. What restaurants there do CHers recommend for dinner and what are the price ranges? We like everything, Steak, seafood, Italian, Asian, etc.

Thanks as always.

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  1. I'm going as well...looked at the new Bobby Flay offer and it looks like a very expensive evening...considering what has happened at other venues...I will wait to see how they go and get their feet wet...

    1. There's a ton of options. Are you looking for a fancy sit down dinner, a quick meal at a the food court, something in between, ??

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        We'd like a sit-down since this is a celebration (graduation gift), but we're not rich. We just like good food and have diverse tastes.

      2. We're going too. I was thinking of doing Bubba's around 5PM for more casual. Not in the mood to spend a ton of money, but I like one CHers idea in a prior post of getting a lobster club sandwich and go-go bread at Jordan's 23 Sports Bar. Casino will be packed after the show lets out.

        1. Wow. Anyrthing good modrate sitdown? at all? Diverse? Buffet at dinner? Itallian?

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            Diverse, sit down, moderate price.. I'd suggest the Sunburst buffet over in Sky casino. It's much better than the Seasons buffet in Earth (which is a pretty generic layout of Sysco fare), and has a good selection of different styles including everything you mentioned. It was about $20 a person last I went. From the mall, head into Sky and keep to the left, the buffet is a bit past Geno Auriemma's food court.

          2. When we've gone to Mohegan for concerts we have eaten at Jasper White's Summer Shack and Big Bubba's BBQ. At the Summer Shack a lobster roll and a beer has been our quick meal, although, I have had oysters OTHS at times too. The roll is decent and the restaurant is always packed. Didn't like my pulled pork sandwich at Bubba's... rather blah, but the place was jammed the one time we were there.

            Summer Shack:
            List of Restaurants:

            1. Frank Pepe's Pizza is amazing. Their white pizza with fresh clams is world famous.

              They have a place at The Sun.

              Original in New Haven CT

              Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
              157 Wooster St, New Haven, CT 06511

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                Sat night...cioncvert was great...

                all food venues were packed...slovenly hurried service...Jasper Whites was OK...lobster salad was good...needed salt...cole slaw was old...fried haddock was pedestrian

              2. We've had consistent good food at the Birches restaurant at Mohegan. I also like the Michael Jordan sportcafe, and am a huge fan of Pepe's for pizza.

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                  Glad to hear someone else mention Birches - it's our go-to place when the casino is packed. Normally good to great service, food is executed well, and a nice selection.

                2. So, junescook, where did ya end up?

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                    Because my nephew's GF had to work late, we got there late and wound up eating in one of the food courts, alas, all scattered around. Fortunately the concert made for a great night, thanks.

                  2. The BBQ place there is good - casual, inexpensive food but tasty. If you're looking for something a little more elegant and better quality - try the fancy Italian place 9can't remember the name right now.)

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                      That's Pompeii & Caesar. They and another restaurant near them (can't think of the name) have closed. The area is being remodeled and a new restaraunt will take it's place.