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Jun 11, 2010 06:00 AM

AMA Revisted

Gotta hand it to Chef Pat at Ama, his cooking is still incredible!! Went back for the first time in a while last night and started with artichoke salad. The portion was generous, presentation beautiful, and the taste...wonderful. Next course was the special pasta of the night featuring fava beans and summer truffles. What a home run. Perfectly cooked al dente pasta, with incredibly delicate fava beans, and of course, shaved truffles...WOW!. For dinner we had the chicken with salad, which was huge and delicious, and the special bronzino. The bronzino was soft and flaky, and the skin perfectly crisp! Perfect! But to me, while the side of spinach was great, Pat's rosemary potatos blew me away. Soft in the middle, with a crisp skin and incredible rosemary flavor. WOWO!! For dessert, the house sent out some incredible chocolate truffles from Chicago. I have to tell you, I don't eat alot chocolate truffles, but these were out of this world.

The service was professional and attentive and of course the bread was incredible as always. All I can say is, some things get better with me, it seems like Ama has hit it's stride and is producing some of the best authentic Italian food anywhere. We're looking forward to our next meal. FOUR STARS!!

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  1. Amazing we were at the same restaurant last night as well

    We both had the chicken with salad and it just was rock solid, throw some of that great bread bread in that salad and we could have closed our eyes an believed we were at The Zuni Cafe in SF..... the place had a real buzz or vibe about it, everything was clicking.

    This place is really special!

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        Still no functioning website? Tried a link for them in Google and couldn't get a page.

    1. Sockster, a question. When you have Chef Pat "cook for you" do you need to set that up in advance or just arrange that when you walk in.
      We have been once and enjoyed the food but seems like having the chef prepare for you is the way to go.

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      1. re: tom246

        When we do a chef's tasting, we ask for it when we make our reservation. Otherwise. like last night, we just order off the menu or from the specials.

      2. *Please note starting April 15th 2010 Ama will no longer be accepting

        credit cards due to increasingly high merchant fees


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          I don't love the decision either.....but it's your call whether or not you want to, or can pay cash for a fantastic meal.