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Jun 11, 2010 04:42 AM

Pick-your-own Strawberries

I heard that right now is the heart of the strawberry picking season. I was wondering if anyone knew a good place to go do so near manhattan (have access to a car). Looking for combination of good berries and a generally fun place for a small child and 2 adults. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was just at Alstede Farms last weekend.

    Lots of strawberries to be picked. I believe there is a Strawberry Harvest Festival this weekend. They have a bunch of animals to see - cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, bunnies, sheep, goats, etc. Highly recommended - it is about 50-60 mins from downtown Manhattan.

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      a quick question. can you eat lunch at alstede farms? if so, what is there?

    2. If you take the LIE to Exit 71 and travel north and then east on Sound Avenue, you will pass several places that will fit the bill. About 90 minutes from midtown. I will pass there today and will try to get more details.

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        Thanks to both. I am so excited. My son loves strawberries. and always talks about going to pick apples because we did it last year. so now, i can combine picking (his favorite activity) and strawberries (his favorite fruit)

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          As promised, here is the story: There is a pick your own strawberry place on Edwards AVenue, close to Sound Avenue. I think the name is something like Fritz Lewin. Take the LIE to exit 71, Calverton. After you get off the exit, turn left and go straight for about 3 miles--you will see the fields on your left.

          If you take a right turn on Sound Avenue after that place, you will find several others within a couple of miles east. Look for the signs. If you take this road, you will pass the famous Briermere Farms--their pies are excellent and people come from miles around.

          There is also pick your own at Garden of Eve, which is organic. Not far east of Briermere on Sound Avenue.

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            thank you so much. now i have all these choices, have to figure out which one to do!

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              Also, next weekend is the strawberry festival in Mattituck. At the fairgrounds along Sound AVenue. I've never been so I am not sure what awaits but I do know that it means more traffic!

              1. re: erica

                Traffic's pretty bad already, all the strawberry picking places let people park up and down Sound Ave, half in the street, and people are darting across the street like they never saw a strawberry in their lives ;-) So drive carefully!

                Anyway Davis opened a strawberry patch for picking just east of Lewin's grocery store and west of Edwards(not Lewin's strawberry picking which is further east). Make a left on Sound Ave to go west. Davis has been doing U pick for generations but are expanding from fruit trees. The place is mobbed.

                Most of the farms don't have lunch stands, although I believe Harbes farther up in Mattituck does. Or at least sells hot dogs and maybe grilled corn.

                1. re: coll

                  thanks all for the help. with a 2 year old, the alstede farm was a bit closer, less than an hour, so we went there over the other spots.

                  my son loved it. they have an animal farm which was great. unfortunately, strawberry season came early this year so we missed the peak, but they were still good.

                  for lunch, we went to a classic NJ diner, the jefferson. nothing special, except for good diner grub. THanks again everyone for the help!