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Looking for great grilled sardines [London]

seastreet Jun 11, 2010 03:02 AM

I used to order the grilled sardines at Brooklyn's excellent Convivium every time I went there. Now that I'm based in London, I find myself craving my favorite fishy treat, but I'm not sure where is best.

Any suggestions for a cheap(ish), casual place where I can get some great Mediterranean-style grilled sardines? London Bridge and the Southeast are easiest, but I'm happy to leave my side of the Thames, too.

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    r.vacapinta Jun 11, 2010 04:55 AM

    I had pretty decent and very cheap grilled sardines at Mem & Laz in Islington.

    I suspect that one of the Portuguese places in Stockwell may have good sardinhas assadas but haven't actually looked around much myself.

    (At the moment, I'm actually in Lisbon this weekend for the Festa de Santo Antonio where the streets are lined with people grilling sardines. If you're a fan of grilled sardines, put this food festival on your yearly calendar, as I do!)

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      Ibrahim.Salha Jun 11, 2010 09:21 AM

      I got these (http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4069/4669638909_03d60d68b9_b.jpg) at Hereford Road (http://www.herefordroad.org/set_lunch/) as part of their very reasonable set lunch - three courses for £15.50. They were good.

      One problem is that the menu changes every day pretty much so there's no guarantee it'll be on when you want them...they update the website regularly though, so it's a good way of checking.

      1. re: r.vacapinta
        skut Jun 11, 2010 02:59 PM

        I second the Stockwell rec. It's about the best reason to go to Estrella, great fish, not a huge fan of anything else beyond the superbock but the sardines should be what you're looking for and cheap too. Also Barrafina might be a good option, a glass of sherry and a plate of sardines off the plancha shouldn't set you back too much. Or cook your own. There's a fish shop a few doors down from Estrella which never has a huge selection, but what's there is always spanking fresh, and they usually have sardines. Also best grilled sardines in London I've had were at the Campari Bar on the roof in Peckham last summer, reopening July this year I hear.

        1. re: skut
          seastreet Jun 17, 2010 09:11 AM

          Thanks - I'll definitely give Barrafina and Estrella both a try.

          Both those places are quite a trek from Blackheath, but the ones I had at Master's Super Fish as a stopgap weren't as well spiced or meaty as I'd like, so Stockwell it is.

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        NYLONDave Jun 23, 2010 05:00 AM

        Just had some great grilled sardines yesterday at Portobello Pizza as part of their lunch special. £12.50 for any 2 dishes out of a selection 8 . They're not on the regular menu, though have seen it on the lunch menu pretty often so you could call ahead.


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          miss chicken wing Jun 24, 2010 09:49 AM

          Pretty sure the Eagle pub in Farringdon does grilled sardines... if you've not been it's a great place, v casual with great pub food... try the steak sandwich too.

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            RADH Jul 2, 2010 03:00 AM

            Rebatos, traditional tapas, South Lambeth Road

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