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Jun 10, 2010 09:08 PM

laredo texas restaurants

going to laredo texas and need recommendations from foodies

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  1. Wow. I looked back through old threads and couldn't find much of anything about Laredo.


    As for myself, I used to go there all the time, and food was a huge reason why. But I still wouldn't have many recommendations for Laredo proper because we always ate (and usually stayed) across the border in Nuevo Laredo.

    Things have really changed though and, in my mind anyway, definitely not for the better. The lovely motel where we used to stay is gone and a big store is in its place - is it a WalMart? Although that doesn't really matter, because it's gotten so dangerous in NL, that I wouldn't go over there now if you paid me.

    The last few times we went, after they tore down our motel, we did stay on the US side, and quizzed the folks that worked at our motel, asking them where to grab a quick bite.

    Every single one of them said "Taco Palenque." Turns out it's probably the most popular "quick bite" spot in town. Everybody seems to love it, and we really did, too. Although we usually like to try many different places when we're on vacation, we couldn't stop going there.

    Not fancy, but really really good.

    And I definitely recommend it very highly.

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      I was in Laredo once, about 20 years ago, and the one meal I had to fend for myself that's where I went. There was one visible from 35 and I had noticed it was packed at all hours. Pretty good, I thought, but it was hard to find a seat!

      Looks like they have locations all over the Valley.