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Jun 10, 2010 07:34 PM

Where to eat alone in Park Slope

Have a bit of time to kill on a Friday night, solo, in Park Slope. Where should I eat? Don't want to spend too much $$ or feel like I'm taking up valuable real estate...

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  1. Kow end, Bark. High end, the bar @ Stone Park

    Stone Park Cafe
    324 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    1. ok this isn't really as much a "foodie" recommendation but I love eating alone at Cafe Steinhof. I always ALWAYS find someone to talk to- the bar area has a great group of regulars who come in solo (many of whom are married so its not just a singles spot) and if you eat alone and look moderately inviting you'll meet some really cool people. If that's what you're interested in, of course. If you're looking for AWESOME food and solidarity, its probably not the best spot. I think the food is very solid and reasonably priced, but not particularly "inspired"...

      Cafe Steinhof
      422 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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        I often eat alone on a Friday night at al di la. I'll have a salad and some pasta. I'm never made to feel that I'm taking up valuable real estate. But I do try and be conscious of time spent and not linger too long.

      2. I recently tried Bonnie's Grill on 5th Ave, between Garfield and 1st Street, closer to 1st. You can eat at the counter. Nice black angus burger and authentic buffalo wings. Although the place, esp. near the grill, does get smoky so don't wear anything that you can't have smelling like smoke afterwards. It's not a very large place so the counter may be close to full on a Friday night too.

        Bonnie's Grill
        278 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215