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Great Tacos in Raleigh

I had a taco epiphany today at El Poblano, a taco truck at Capitol and Hodges, just inside the Beltline. Have you ever had a dish that was so tasty at the perfect time for it and for you that you were in the grip of ecstatic joy? That was me today.

It was either cabeza or carnitas that did me so right. I don't remember which was which. The meat was so tender and juicy that I was blown away. The taco was served on a homemade tortilla with a bit of diced onion and cilantro. They also had some roasted onions and jalapenos on the side. Great salsas. The green was rather spicy.

The tacos are less than $2 each. They also have quesadillas and sopes. The truck is parked at this location M-F 8-5:30.

From my house in North Raleigh, I'd pass by at least 6 credible taco joints on Capital alone to get to El Poblano. These are: the taco counter inside the El Mandado supermarket, Los Cuates, the two places off New Hope Church I can't name right now, the taco counter in the BP gas station, and Vallarta. Each of these places serves excellent Mexican food, not dumbed down for gringos. You wouldn't go wrong getting a meal from any of these places. El Poblano is better, it's the real deal. It's worth the extra drive. Actually, these are my new favorite tacos in the Triangle by God!

Los Cuates
3505 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

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  1. Thanks for the rec! It's not far from work for me, so I'll give it a try next week!

    1. I just noticed the signs for them a week ago. Thanks for the heads up!

      1. I had two excellent taco's from them for $3.50. They had a very nice pickled (pink) onion with the condiments which was quite good. I think my summer goal is to eat my way through the menu!

        Only downside is there is no place to sit and eat except in your car - but I can work with that!

        1. Yet again, thank you for the recs. Where's the taco counter in the BP? On Capital? I'm guessing El Poblano is your favorite, but what order would you rank the others in if you were forced? At the moment, I'm bloated on Los Cuates tacos and I can't imagine how I could be happier. Just curious how the ones you mentioned rank on your Mexican meter.

          Los Cuates
          3505 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

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            If you are searching for El Poblano... it's on the sw side of the intersection of Hodges & Capital Blvd. and this is what it looks like. Tacos were great: Pollo, Carnitas, and Pastor --all good.

          2. I tried the torta Cubana today. This is simply a completely insane sandwich. Insanely good too.
            Sliced ham, the thin milanesa steak, hot dogs, lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalapeno, queso fresco and mayo. This thing is huge - I was quite happy when my SO drove by and spotted me there - or I would have had to eat the whole thing on my own.

            $7.50, takes a little longer to make than the taco's.

            1. I love Taco's but I live in the country and I have never seen a Taco truck before. I read about them in Nashville and they are going for $1.00 to $1.50 each. They seem more expensive in Raleigh. I wonder why. Here's a link to the Nashville trucks.


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                In the article you cite, the tacos range in price from $1 to $2.25. In my post I said they were less than $2 each. I believe they were $1.75. To me, that's a great deal and not expensive at all. They are good enough that I would have paid more.

                The tacos were of a good size. El Poblano makes their own tortillas which makes a huge difference. The fillings were quite flavorful. They have a condiment bar and served grilled veggies alongside.
                Size matters. Recently I ordered tacos from a food truck in Durham. They were $2 a piece and were quite small. I didn't realize until I got back to Raleigh, so caveat emptor.

              2. I've been a frequent visitor to this taco truck for a few years now, and it never ceases to please. They used to be located next to the Mexican consulate, so you know they have to be on their game, but they've moved to Capital and Hodges in hopes of greater exposure. Glad you liked them. If you're on Facebook, become a fan of theirs at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid...

                1. They have moved from the tire place. They are now on Hodges just a little west of Capital. They are on the N. side of the road, not hard to find at all!

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