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Jun 10, 2010 06:34 PM

Trip to Staunton, VA

I am traveling to visit Polyface farm in Swoope, Virginia and I plan on staying overnight in Staunton. I am traveling with a vegan, which makes food decisions slightly more difficult. Looking for suggestions for a dinner (not too expensive since we're teachers!), a breakfast the morning before the farm tour (early), and a lunch, perhaps to take in the car or on the way home to DC. Thanks!

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  1. I have not had it (to my dismay) but Crozet pizza apparently rivals New Haven. You could get a pie with veggies.

    I know of other good eats, but they're all not veggie.

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    1. You might search the South board.

      But I will tell you, I travel frequently down Rt 29 through Charlottesville and Lynchburg. I have been keeping an ear open for chow worthy spots for 10 years. And apart from Crozet's, which is excellent and a really neat place to boot, I have come up empty handed.

      1. Staunton is the exact middle spot between the city where I live now and the city where I am from and we have stopped there many times along the way. Good luck with that.

        1. In Staunton The Grocery is really quite tasty, check and see if they have something Vegan, if not you might contact them and I am sure they would arrange something, some of the entrees are pricey for the area though you might check out their website first.

          Downtown at the Clocktower was more casual, but I don't know if they are vegan friendly. Byer Street Bistro is good and they have a lot of things that look like they could be easily adaptable on the menu.

          Also in Crozet although I love Crozet Pizza there is the Greenwood Gourmet Grocery and they have sandwiches and other foods that are very tasty. I am sure they have something vegan too. That would be a nice stop for to-go on the way home. I always love going there.

          1. I went to school at JMU in Harrisonburg and we'd always ride down to Staunton to eat at the Mill Street Grill. Check it out! By the way, my biggest regret is never visiting polyface while I lived down there. I always planned on it but never made it in the four years I lived in Hburg. It pains me to think on all the incredible chicken/beef I missed out on. Have a great time there!