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Jun 10, 2010 05:15 PM

Josephine Chez Dumonet $$ question about wine

In all of my research to find a cute quintessential parisian eatery for our one night in Paris I ended up stumbling across an amazing review today of J. Chez Dumonet which led to googling which led to drooling and thinking maybe I should just shell out a little more $ and go to this place since it looks so appetizing and its a classic bistro that serves great food, according to many sources.

I found pictures of the menu with prices and tried to calculate what my bill would be. I can't tell about wine though-- does anyone know if they sell wine by the glass? SInce they give one glass free, maybe we'd just order one more each if they sold it that way.

Anyone know how much I'd pay for a glass or bottle of wine here?

Yesterday I was set on La Cerisaie but something was holding me back from committing. I've really been sweating this one dinner in Paris!

Thanks everyone, anyone.

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  1. I think I remember there being a couple bottles around 30e on the low end. I don't recall whether there was wine by the glass. You can get a half portion of some things, which is plenty big. I felt like the main courses were big enough that we definitely did not need a starter. We actually didn't order one but the waiter pressured us into getting one, he said it would be better so we wouldn't be too hungry...I mean we were rolling out of there stuffed. So if you stick to getting main courses, a 30e bottle of wine and no dessert, I'd say 90e for two. In my opinion, the desserts were just okay, I could've done without and been fine. I think desserts were 8-15e each. Get the half portion beef bourgignon, and if you like duck, the duck confit. If it's getting too far out of your budget, don't get wine. Sure they'll think you're crazy but I think it's better to eat well w/out wine than to have wine w/ less quality food. Just my opinion. Enjoy!

    1. I would be surprised if any restaurant in France didn't have a reasonable selection by the glass or multiples thereof (a pichet, demi etc). They do half serves of many dishes which can make it cheaper.

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        We had been in Paris last spring and Josephine's was so amazing that we had dinner there twice in one week. We just had a stopover for 4 days and of course had made dinner reservations there again. When we walked in we recognized our waiters and one of them said in French, "you're back!". We couldn't believe that they remembered us, but they did. He said, "it was your anniversary". They were genuinely happy to see us and even the chef came out to say hello. Once again we had a spectacular meal. It was once again such a fun and joyous....and delicious evening.

      2. I have only ordered full bottles at JCD but since the Evin Law was passed and crack-down on drunk driving strengthened almost no places do not serve single glasses, even though you may not see them on the carte. The culture really changed post-Evin; to things scorned before; single glasses, doggie bags for unfinished stoppered bottles, more carafes etc.

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          This is great news about the Evin Law. I just need to learn a few lines of french so I can inquire about ordering a glass of wine. Ok I'm definite now on Josephine's, thank you everyone!!

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            Je voudrai une verre de Bourgogne Rouge (or Cotes du Rhone, or Pouilly Fume, or whichever wine is your desire at that time. ;)

        2. Had a wonderful meal there about 3 weeks ago - my favorite of the trip. They do indeed serve wine by the glass. In fact you're likely to receive a glass of white when you arrive at no charge. Liked it well enough to follow with at carafe of the same, at 15 Euros. The list is odd, and overpriced, save for some real bargains in Sauternes and Barsac, presumably to acompany the huge slabs of Foie Gras streaming out of the kitchen.